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Cheap Bike Hooks - What's the Catch?


When it comes to storing your bike, finding an affordable solution that does the job effectively can be a challenge. That's where cheap bike hooks come into play. These hooks offer a budget-friendly option for keeping your bike off the ground and out of the way. But, as with any inexpensive product, you may wonder, "What's the catch?" Let's take a closer look.

What are Cheap Bike Hooks?

cheap bike hooks

Cheap bike hooks are simple yet ingenious devices designed to hold your bike securely on the wall or ceiling. They typically consist of a hook that mounts onto the surface and a rubber or foam coating to protect your bike's wheel rims or paint and prevent any potential scratches.

These affordable hooks are commonly made of durable materials such as steel or heavy-duty plastic. While they may lack the bells and whistles of pricier bike storage solutions, they still serve their purpose effectively for those on a budget.

But a word of caution; some cheap bike hooks may be just that. They might be a poor design, made from cheap materials, not built to last or may come with poor quality fixings.

If you are hanging up an expensive bike and it falls off the wall it will end up being anything but cheap, so it will pay you to do a bit of research. We've put this guide together to help you choose the best 'cheap' bike hook.

The Benefits of Cheap Bike Hooks

1. Affordability: The most obvious benefit of cheap bike hooks is their cost-effective nature. Unlike more expensive bike storage options, such as racks or stands, these hooks offer a much more wallet-friendly option without compromising on functionality. You can find quality cheap bike hooks for a fraction of the price of other bike storage solutions.

cheap bike hooks

The GearHooks B1 costs around £16 dropping to £13 each if you buy 10.

2. Space-saving: Cheap bike hooks help free up valuable floor space in your garage, apartment, or shed. By hanging your bike on the wall or ceiling, you can make the most of your available space and keep your bike out of the way. This is particularly beneficial for individuals living in smaller homes or apartments with limited storage options.

cheap bike hooks - B2

The GearHooks B2 double bike hook holds 2 bikes on the wall and still fits with just a single hole and heavy duty fixings.

3. Easy installation: Installing a cheap bike hook can be a breeze. Most hooks come with mounting hardware included, so all you need is a few basic tools and a bit of DIY know-how. Within minutes, your bike can be up on the wall, ready to go. This straightforward installation process makes these hooks an excellent choice for anyone, regardless of their handyman skills.

cheap bike hooks - b1+

The GearHooks B1+ (which has a prong for a helmet, coat camelback etc.) and the B1 single or B2 double bike hook fit with a single 8mm hole and heavy duty fixings which are all supplied as standard. 

4. Versatility: Cheap bike hooks are versatile in their application. They can be mounted on various surfaces such as wood, drywall, or concrete. Whether you have a garage, basement, or outdoor shed, these hooks can be easily installed to suit your storage needs.

All the GearHooks bike hooks come with fixings for a brick, block or concrete wall (typically found in a garage) and for wooden walls (like in a shed).

cheap bike hooks - fixing

5. Accessibility: With your bike securely hung on the wall, it becomes easily accessible whenever you need it. You no longer have to navigate through a cluttered space or risk damaging your bike by leaving it leaning against a wall. A cheap bike hook allows for quick and hassle-free access, making it convenient for daily use.

All the GearHooks bike hooks and bike racks will hold any kind of bike vertically and its really easy to hang the bikes up and get therm down again. If you have heavy bikes, like e-bikes, mountain bikes or downhill bikes, you don't even need to lift them.

What's the Catch?

Now, let's address the burning question: What's the catch with these cheap bike storage hooks?

1. Weight Limitations: Some cheaper bike hooks may have weight limitations, meaning they may not be suitable for heavy-duty bikes or multiple bikes. It's important to check the weight capacity of the hook before making a purchase to ensure it can handle the load. However, for standard bicycles or lighter models, cheap bike storage hooks typically provide sufficient support.

All the GearHooks bike hooks are made from 8mm diameter galvanised steel and come with heavy duty fixings so they will hang 25Kg from any solid or wooden wall.

cheap bike hooks

If you leave the front wheel on the ground there is no real weight limit and heavy bikes like e-bikes can be hung vertically without needing to lift the bike at all.

2. Durability: While cheap bike hooks can be effective, they may not be as durable as their pricier counterparts. Cheaper materials or construction methods can lead to hooks that may not stand the test of time. However, with proper use and care, they can still provide a reliable storage solution. Avoid overloading the hook beyond its weight capacity and inspect it regularly to ensure it remains in good condition.

All GearHooks products are Guaranteed for Life.

3. Limited Features: Cheap bike hooks are straightforward devices without many additional features. If you're looking for added functionalities like adjustable angles or built-in locks, you may need to invest in a higher-end storage solution. Keep in mind that while these hooks may lack extra features, they still serve their primary purpose of keeping your bike off the ground and organized.

Cheap bike hooks

The GearHooks bike hooks can be adjusted up and down the wall so the bike is held just right. The hook design allows the bike to be swivelled to one side to save space. The hook design also allows heavy bikes to be stored without lifting them.

4. Poor quality and fiddly fixings: many cheap bike hooks fit with 4 holes and come with cheap screws and cheap wall plugs. This can mean they are fiddly to fit and may not be firmly held to the wall or ceiling, with potentially serious results.

GearHooks bike hooks fit with a single 8mm hole so you don't have to line up 4 little holes.

cheap bike hooks

A Fischer 8mm Nylon Wall anchor is hammered into the hole and a 60mm long hex bolt is screwed in with an Allen Key (which we supply) to secure the hook. Fitting can be done in under 5 minutes.

5. Limited capacity: by their nature, bike hooks will only store one bike. If you have lots of bikes you will need to fit lots of separate hooks. If each one fits with 3 or 4 holes you may need to get ready for some serious DIY!

cheap bike hooks

GearHooks make a range of wall mounted bike racks too so you can fit 5 bikes with just 3 holes and easily add or move hooks without drilling any more holes.


Good quality cheap bike hooks offer an affordable and space-saving solution for keeping your bike off the ground. While they may have some limitations in terms of weight capacity and durability, the right one will still serve its purpose effectively. These hooks provide an excellent option for individuals on a budget or those who value simplicity in their storage solutions.

By choosing the right cheap bike hook, you not only save money but also free up valuable floor space and ensure easy accessibility to your bike. Remember to consider the weight capacity of the hook and take proper care of it to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

So, if you're on a budget and looking for a simple way to store your bike, the right cheap bike hooks may be the perfect option for you. Embrace the affordability and practicality of these hooks to keep your bike securely stored and ready to ride whenever you need it.

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If you have any specific question please get in touch with us at GearHooks.

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