Designed and manufactured in the UK. Guaranteed for life. VAT included. No import charges!! *** SUMMER SALE *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK delivery over £75.00 with code FREEDEL75
Designed and manufactured in the UK. Guaranteed for life. VAT included. No import charges!! *** SUMMER SALE *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK delivery over £75.00 with code FREEDEL75
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Golf Club Storage and Golf Equipment Organiser

Stop your golf gear going rusty and save space in your garage or boot with our golf club storage solution

If you have expensive golf equipment going rusty on the garage floor, mouldy in a cupboard or or just in the way around the house then its wasting space and costing you money.

You can store all your golfing equipment in just 1M of wall space, off the floor and out of the way where it is clean and dry for under £10 a bag!

GearHooks® golf club and bag storage racks safely store all your golf equipment in the minimum space. Each GearRail is configured to hold golf bags and trolleys and can also hold sets of golf clubs, clothing, shoes and more so that everything is easy to find and ready to use. Choose our golf club storage solution and keep all your heavy equipment in one place - our storage racks are industrial strength, so can hold a whole host of equipment!

Our golf club and equipment storage racks keep everything stored safely and tidily, making it easier for you to just grab your golfing equipment and head out for a few rounds. Avoid keeping your expensive golfing gear in the boot of your car or lying around on the floor, choose our GearHooks® golf club storage racks and keep everything in one place. 

Get a 20% discount when you buy any complete golf equipment organiser and every order will get a free fitting tool (subject to availability). No voucher code needed. 


Make Space - Save Time - Do More!

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Very satisfied customer

I have waited three months to leave this review. I am pleased to say that the Gearhooks are proving as good in daily use as they day I fitted them.

Having just downsized and moved house, my new garage was like a dump. My initial plan was to buy a garden shed. Instead, I now have seven Gearhooks on the garage walls and no shed. Bikes, garden tools, kayak paddles, climbing gear, rucsacs, boots....... are all tidily stored off the floor. They are simple to instal, extremely robust and adaptable in how they can be used. I am astonished just how much weight they can safely carry.

Luis has provided responsive customer service which matches the superior design and high quality of the products. Highly recommended.

We are hooked.

A great idea and product. Design builds in flexibility, excellent. Great customer service also.

Best solution

I was looking for a simple solution to mount my mtb and after trawling through cheap and expensive systems but none ticking the box I found gearhooks. Reasonable pricing without the "bike tax" and a good quality non fussy system to mount my bike, it was really easy to install and so far hooking my bike in a tight space has been no problem at all.
It was also nice to buy a product designed and made in the uk with great customer care.

Great product

Very well packaged, clear instructions and straight-forward to install. Holds bikes for whole family (x5) and has made the garage bigger, cleaner and smarter. Very pleased.

Excellent structured solution

I wanted hooks that I could fix up for at least 6 bikes in a simple line but have the ability to move hooks easily as bikes move around. I have 6 bikes mounted and suspect I may be ordering another rack and hooks once I've worked out the space. Perfect!