This month's SPECIAL OFFERS - Prices include 20% OFF + FREE FITTING TOOL + FREE UK SHIPPING over £49
This month's SPECIAL OFFERS - Prices include 20% OFF + FREE FITTING TOOL + FREE UK SHIPPING over £49
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GearHooks® bike wall hangers and wall mounted bike racks

Whether you’re looking for a bike wall hanger for a single bike or a wall mounted bike rack for several bikes, we’ve got you covered.

The GearHooks® hooks and rails are the easy to fit, super-strong wall mounted bike storage solution for any bike. They’ll mount every type and size of bike you’ve got now and any you might get later. You don't even need to lift heavy bikes like mountain bikes or electric bikes. recently reviewed the B1 bike hook and said; 

"I was impressed by the ease of installation and clear instructions; it probably took more time to get the drill out than actually fit the GearHook."

and concluded that GearHooks;

"... do the job simply and effectively - oh yes, and they don't break the bank. The single hook I used is currently less than a tenner! That is hard to beat."

GearHooks® are perfect for a garage bike rack if you've got lots of bikes or just a single bike storage hook for a flat, apartment or even the office. 

You don’t even have to lift heavy bikes. GearHooks® will hold any bike upright with its back wheel still on the ground. Just pull on the back wheel, take a few steps backwards so the bike rises onto its back wheel and then roll the bike forwards and hook the front wheel without lifting.

If you want to keep the floor clear you can mount the hook or rail high on the wall (as long as the wall and fixing are solid and you can lift the bike). Each GearHook® will hold up to 25kilos.

They will accept any bike type (road bike, mountain bike, downhill bike, ebike etc., any size bike (from childs to XL), any wheel size (26", 650b, 29", 700c) and all standard tyre sizes (up to 3"). 

GearHooks® are quick and easy to fit using a single 8mm diameter hole for wall bike hooks and just 3 holes for a wall bike rack that will hold up to 5 bikes. No need to line up 3 or 4 tiny holes for each bike (that’s 20 holes for normal bike hooks!!).

There's even space in between your bikes for extra GearHooks® to store helmets, backpacks, shoes, track pumps, work stands, tools, spare parts and more.

All for as little as £7.50 per bike!!. 


Make Space - Save Time - Do More!