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How to store up to 6 bikes in just 1M of wall space - without any lifting.



Release date : March 20th 2018

GearHooks® launch a new bike storage rack for up to 6 bikes and gear that allows heavy bikes to be stored on the wall without any need to lift them onto hooks.

After struggling to find a space saving way to store bikes at home, a UK engineer has designed and launched a clever new system in the UK. The GearHooks® Bike Rack allows up to 6 bikes (and extra gear) to be stored on a 1M wall mounted rail without any need to lift the bikes onto the hooks.

Storing bikes vertically, against the wall, is a great way to reduce the amount of space bikes take up in a garage or shed. The problem is that lifting heavy bikes, like mountain bikes or e-bikes, onto hooks can seriously hurt your back. What’s more, some poor soul becomes the designated ‘bike-hanger-upper’ and no one else can put bikes away or get them down.

With the GearHooks® rack, any adult or teenager can do both. They simply pull on the back brake and take a couple of steps backwards. The bike rises up onto its back wheel and is rolled forwards until the front wheel can be hooked onto one of the GearHooks®. The rack will take from 3 to 6 bikes of any kind including road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, full-on downhill rigs and even tandems and recumbent bikes. They will cope with any frame size, any wheel size and any tyre size up to 3”.

The GearHooks® Bike Rack fits to the wall by drilling just three 8mm holes and securing the mounting rail in place with heavy duty fixings. Users can then add, move or adjust hooks with just an Allen key. Each GearHook® will easily support a bike up to 30Kg, or more, because the back wheel stays on the ground.

The system is based around a rolled steel channel that is first galvanised and then powder coated to prevent corrosion. Once screwed to the wall, specially designed steel GearHooks® can be fitted anywhere on the rail, adjusted up and down to exactly the right height and then firmly clamped in place.

The space between bikes isn’t wasted either. Gear like a track pump, work stand, helmets, bags and clothing can all be stored on extra hooks fitted between the bikes.

The mounting rail is available in a range of 8 colours to match the bikes or decor. They look good enough to install in an office or swanky apartment but are strong enough to be fitted in a garage or even outside.

Luis Prtak, the designer of the system and founder of GearHooks explains that “With normal wall mounted bike hooks you have to lift the bike onto the hook. With a heavy bike, that can be a real problem. You end up straining to get the bike up in the air and then struggle to get it onto the hook. You stand a really good chance of hurting yourself”.

He goes on to explain that “With a GearHooks mounting rail you don’t need to lift heavy bikes at all. You can move hooks from side to side for different handlebar widths or move them up and down for different wheel or frame sizes. That means you can get the hook to exactly the right position to securely hold the front wheel. Bikes can then be rolled up to the rack without the back wheel ever leaving the ground. If you want to add more hooks for more bikes or other gear, these mount with a push-in sliding nut and a hex bolt. No drilling!”

The bike rack is just one of the GearHooks® range. Similar hooks are available for skis and snowboards as well as golf bags, fishing rods and there’s even a rack for guitars. You could design your own GearHooks® rack with one of everything on it if you wanted.

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