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*** VAT free WORLDWIDE shipping *** SALE NOW ON *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK DELIVERY over £100.00 with code FREEDEL100
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About us

GearHooks® were born out of a need to store mountain bikes. Like many people who own bikes and have a family, we had 4 or 5 bikes we used most weeks and about the same number of old bikes we wanted to keep. After filling the garage, shed and spare rooms with bikes and other sports gear and not being able to find, or get to, half of it we decided to do something about it.

Having bought many different types of hooks and brackets to try to solve the problem, we realised that many were cheap and flimsy, or good but expensive or too fidly to fit. The main problem though, was that every time we got another bike, or a new bike with wider or narrower handlebars or different size wheels we had to start changing or moving the hooks around. That took ages drilling new holes and filling the old ones and it needed doing again every couple of years.

As a qualified Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years experience of designing and manufacturing world class products for many industries and working with friends who are keen road and mountain bikers, we decided to design something better.

It took us two years and lots of prototypes to come up with what we believe is the best engineered, most adaptable and most reasonably priced storage system for bikes. We designed GearHooks® that could fit directly to the wall to keep cost down but also onto a rail to make changing things around or storing more bikes a piece of cake. The GearRails™ also meant we could get all the other stuff like helmets, back packs, shoes, tools, spares and so on, stored in between bikes. That creates space, saves time looking for stuff and gets us out doing more cycling. Hence our tagline -

Make Space. Save Time. Do More.

It soon became obvious that skiers, golfers, fishermen, gardeners and other people had exactly the same problem so we decided to design GearHooks® for them. Like the bike hooks, each hook needed to be deigned to hold each piece of equipment. Lots of people do many different sports and the GearRail™ system means that you can mount lots of different gear on the same rail, like a bike, a pair of skis and a golf bag. Now we have a range of over 50 different hooks and rails that you can mix and match for just about anything you can think of. If we haven’t thought of it we could even make it for you.

All the products are manufactured in the UK. Some on CNC machines and some by hand. They are all designed and manufactured with great precision, care and attention to detail so that they do the job better than anything else on the market. 

We hope you will find something you like and can set it up in a way that works for you. Please contact us if you need some help.

Happy shopping and many thanks for looking at GearHooks®.

Luis Prtak

GearHooks® Founder