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20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING over £100 + FREE RETURNS UK only - order now !!
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  • Customer review - A great product and the best customer service we’ve experienced  in a seriously long time.   Luis has gone above and beyond to make sure we are happy with  the product and we would have no hesitation in recommending  him and GearHooks.
  • Customer review - “These brackets* are excellent and exactly what I need to save space in the garage.  I originally got two brackets as I was unsure on the product but as you can see I’ve ordered two more as they are brilliant and well made...”  James M.
  • Customer Review - “We’ve just put the rails up today as we’ve been having a bike store built. We’re really pleased with them.  They were easy to install, adjusting them is very straightforward, they are sturdy and look great.”   Keith T. Durham
  • Customer Review - “I received them really quickly and they were really easy to put up  especially as the instructions were so comprehensive.  Overall I think your product is great price wise and the quality is  also really good.”  Emma M. Bolton
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Stunning storage solutions for sport and leisure gear

Whatever your passion ...

GearHooks® are the space saving way to store and display all your sports, leisure and hobby gear at home, in the garage, shed or office.

No more piles of stuff all over the floor, getting in the way or going rusty and mouldy.

GearHooks® will keep all your precious gear safe and tidy, looking great and ready to go in the smallest amount of space so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Made in the UK - Lifetime Warranty

GearHooks® are designed and made in the UK. Our goal is happy customers and a great product that will do the job brilliantly and last you a lifetime.

We are so sure of the quality of the product that we offer a Lifetime Warranty. If you manage to break it - we will fix it or replace it free of charge.

Quick and easy to fit

GearHooks® fit to the wall with a single hole and super-strong fixings. You can fit a GearRail® with just 3 holes and can adjust, move or add more hooks without drilling any more holes. 

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Our Range

GearHooks® design and manufacture the largest range of wall mounted storage hooks and storage racks for sports and leisure equipment in the UK.

GearHooks® storage rails are the most adaptable and adjustable way to store your gear on the wall so it all takes up less space and is safe and dry. As your needs change or you get more gear you can move or add new GearHooks® quickly and easily without drilling holes. The same rail will store 5 mountain bikes, 12 pairs of skis, 5 golf bags, 9 guitars, 30+ garden tools or a mixture of everything. You choose.

If your garage is full of stuff we can help you get it sorted out with our garage wall storage hooks for bikes, gardening gear and much more. If your shed is a no-go zone you can get it sorted. If you have an expensive road bike or mountain bike you can store it on the wall in your lounge or garage where it will be safe and sound and look amazing. If you are sick of clutter in the house you can get it hung up where it will take up the least space, be easy to find and quick to get to.

A single GearHook® is really easy to fit by drilling just one hole. A rail fits with just three holes. Both are supplied with super-strong, industrial grade fixings.

Each GearHook® is made of galvanised steel and is specially designed to hold bikes, skis, guitars and much more. Each GearHook® can support up to 25Kg and has a rubber covering to protect your gear. The steel GearRail® is galvanised and powder coated in a range of colours to look great and stop corrosion. The rail allows any GearHook® to be fitted anywhere on the rail without any more drilling.

The range includes;

Bike Storage Ideas : Wall Mounted Bike Rack and Wall Bike Hook

Whether you need to store a single road bike or the whole family’s 4 or 5 bikes, we’ve got hooks and rails that will save space and make putting them away quick and easy. You can mount any type of bike from road bike to downhill bike, any size frame including kid’s bikes, with any size wheels and any standard tyre size. All GearHooks® will take any bike so you can mix and match now and in the future. You don’t even need to lift bikes, you can just roll them up to the GearHooks® hook or rail on their back wheels. You can mount light bikes, like road bikes, high on the wall to keep the floor clear.

Golf equipment organiser : ways to store your golfing gear

If you’ve got golf equipment on the garage floor, the boot of the car or in the airing cupboard you probably want to get it out of the way where it’s clean and dry. The GearHooks® Golf Rack will store up to 5 golf bags or trolleys, plus loads of other gear like golf clubs, golf shoes and golf clothing, in just 1M of wall space.

Garden implement tool storage : how to sort out your garden shed

Like most people you’ve probably got loads of garden tools in a corner of your shed or garage. Chances are you can never find what you want or you have to move everything to get to the one tool you need. Well, the GearHooks® Garden Tool Wall Storage Rack will store around 30 or more garden tools in just 1M of wall space. It’s strong too; a single GearHook® will take 5 or 6 shovels and spades or heavy items like several sledge hammers and axes or even a petrol chainsaw, leaf blower and hedge trimmer. Because you can hang 6-10 tools on one GearHook® and mount 5 of these on a 1M rail, one of our rails can be equivalent to 4 or 5M of an ordinary tool rack.

Ski and Snowboard rack : for your garage or a ski lodge

Storing skis and snowboards at the end of the season or while you are using them can be a bit of a problem. Using the wall to store and display your ski gear saves space and looks great. Even if you are storing 12 pairs of skis, you can fit one of our racks with just 3 screws. The GearHooks® Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack has models to store 6 pairs of skis and poles and helmets, or 12 pairs of skis or a mixture of skis and snowboards.

Guitars and musical instruments : store more in less space

Looking for an impressive way to display your collection of guitars?  Want to save space in a house or apartment?  Need a compact and accessible way to store your instruments in a studio? This may be the solution. The GearHooks® GTR3 Guitar Rack is a unique and stunning way to store and display up to 9 guitars plus lots of other stuff in just 1M of wall space. As well acoustic guitars you can also mount mandolins, ukuleles, banjos and even clarinets, cornets, tambourines and just about any other musical instrument. GearHooks® mount on the rail via a sliding nut and clamp that allow the hooks to be fitted anywhere on the rail. You can even rotate the hooks which means you can mount the rail at an angle or mount 2 rails in a V shape to really make a statement.