Designed and manufactured in the UK. Guaranteed for life. *** SALE *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK DELIVERY over £100.00 with code FREEDEL100
Designed and manufactured in the UK. Guaranteed for life. *** SALE *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK DELIVERY over £100.00 with code FREEDEL100
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Ukulele wall hooks - ukulele wall hanger - ukulele storage rack
Ukulele wall hooks - ukulele wall hanger - ukulele storage rack
Ukulele wall hooks - ukulele wall hanger - ukulele storage rack
Ukulele storage for schools and colleges. Ukulele wall storage rack.
Ukulele storage for schools and colleges. Ukulele wall storage rack.
Ukulele storage for schools and colleges. Ukulele wall storage rack.
Ukulele storage for schools and colleges. Ukulele wall storage rack. Side view

Ukulele wall hooks - ukulele wall hanger - ukulele storage rack

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The easy way to store LOTS of ukuleles in a very SMALL SPACE. Ideal for schools and colleges

The GearHooks® UKU-15 and UKU-25 ukulele wall hooks and ukulele wall hangers are a unique and stunning way to store and display 15, 25 or even more ukuleles in just 1M of wall space.

Mount them next to each other or one above the other to save even more space. If you really want to make a statement you can mount them at an angle or in 'V's 'zig-zags' and 'waves'.

They will hold any type of ukulele including Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone ukuleles as well as banjos, acoustic and electric guitars* and other instruments.

No matter how many ukuleles you need to store you only need to drill 3 holes for each rack so fitting is really quick and easy, Mounting ordinary wall hooks for 25 ukuleles would mean drilling 100 holes!!!

Ukulele storage for schools and colleges. Ukulele wall storage rack.

The image above shows two UKU-25s mounted next to each other

Whether you're looking for an impressive and space saving way to display your collection in a house or apartment or you want a compact and accessible way to store your instruments in a studio, school, college or university this may be the solution.

As well as ukuleles you can also mount acoustic and electric guitars*, mandolins, banjos and even clarinets, cornets, tambourines and just about any other musical instrument on the rack.

Each ukulele rack is fitted with 3 or 5 GearHooks®, each of which will hold up to 5 ukuleles one behind the other. Each complete 1M long rack will store 15 or 25 ukuleles but you can fit multiple racks, next to or above others, to store as many as you need.

Ukulele storage for schools and colleges. Ukulele wall storage rack. Side view
The image above shows each hook holding 5 Soprano Ukuleles

Each 1 metre long rack is supplied with the rail and 3 or 5 hooks ready to take 15 or 25 ukuleles depending on which model you choose:

The UKU-15 has 3 x 300mm long GearHooks® to hold up to 15 ukuleles.

The UKU-25 has 5 x 300mm long GearHooks® to hold up to 25 ukuleles.

Each GearHook has soft but hard wearing PVC sleeves* to protect your ukuleles. The rail comes in a choice of colours (red, orange, blue, green, yellow, grey, white and black) so you can match your decor or ukuleles. 

All the ukulele racks mount with just 3 holes so fitting is really quick and easy. Screwing 1 ordinary guitar/ukulele hook to the wall would probably mean you correctly lining up and drilling 4 tiny holes. Fitting enough for 25 ukuleles would mean accurately drilling 100 holes!! That's a lot of drilling and lots of opportunities to get it wrong.

All our racks fit with just 3 holes and, because the rails fit via slots, you can be a few mm off and the rail will still be spot on.


GearHooks® mount on the rail via a sliding nut and clamp. Each hook can be be fitted anywhere on the rail and moved side to side, and then clamped in place, to accommodate different size instruments. You can even rotate the hooks which means you can mount the rail at an angle or mount 2 rails in a V shape to really make a statement.

guitar wll mounting rack

You can store smaller instruments, headphones, microphones, leads and more in between the ukuleles to really make use of wall space. (these are an optional extra and not included as standard).

The rack is supplied with 3 or 5 GearHooks® with a 45mm gap. This is ideal for a mixture of ukuleles with a ’standard’ 45mm neck measured at the nut.  

The GearHooks® ukulele rack is designed and manufactured in the UK and Guaranteed for Life.



The GearHooks® UKU-15/25 ukulele rack includes;

  • 1 x 1M long cold rolled steel rail galvanised and powder coated with over 20 fixing slots
  • Your choice of 8 different colours (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, black, white & grey)
  • 2 x black plastic end caps
  • 3 x hex head wall bolts (Allen Key) for wood or plasterboard battens
  • 3 x expanding nylon fixings for brick, block, stone or concrete
  • 3/5 x cold formed steel hooks with bright zinc plating
  • Each hook is 300m long with a 45mm gap
  • The UKU-15 has 3 x GearHooks® and holds up to 15 ukuleles
  • The UKU-25has 3 x GearHooks® and holds up to 25 ukuleles
  • 6/10 x soft PVC sleeves* to hold and protect your ukuleles
  • 3/5 x CNC machined clamps in black engineering polymer that is stronger than aluminium
  • 3/5 x M8 sliding nuts to position and adjust the hooks anywhere on the rail
  • 3/5 x M8 hex head bolts (Allen Key) to attach the hooks to the sliding nuts
  • Full fitting and use instructions
  • No quibble Lifetime guarantee

* not suitable for guitars with Nitrocellulose Lacquer

SALE PRICES - all complete racks include a reduction of UP TO 20% compared to the cost of buying individual hooks and rails. This discount is applied automatically and the list price and discounted prices are shown on the product pages. Additional discounts (such as free shipping) require a code to activate them.

Some photographs may show extra items, optional hooks and colours which may not be included with your particular product choice. We try to accurately describe each product but cannot photograph all variants. Please check descriptions, and your choices when ordering, carefully. 

GearHooks® - Make Space - Save Time - Do more

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Anonymous (Gosport)
Excellent product

We had two racks installed in one of our classrooms. They look fantastic and are well built. We like these so much that we are looking at the possibility of installing two more racks in our other classroom so we have a class set of ukuleles in each classroom. Thank you. This product is great.

Philip P. (Yateley)

Works a treat

John R. (South Molton)
Too many guitars? Here's your answer.

Well made solid bit of kit.

Harry R.
Gear hooks for guitar storage

These gear hooks have made a massive difference for storage of acoustic guitars and basses in our colleges music store room. The price point is not cheap but this is a study, well made and stylish product will a lifetime warranty, well worth the money.

Paul B. (Swindon)
An awesome product.

I bought the Guitar hanger system for 9 guitars. A very sturdy piece of equipment, Easy to install, and surprisingly space saving. I'll definitely be buying another one.

NANCY S. (Bournemouth)
Exactly what I've needed all these years

Perfect guitar storage for a music classroom. Ordered the 9 guitar version of the wall mounted GearHooks guitar wall hanger. Very quick and easy to install and set up, very sturdy and clearly well manufactured. Keeps 9 acoustic guitars stored much more safely and tidily than they otherwise would have been. I plan on ordering another as soon as I can.

Paul B. (Stoke-on-Trent)
Brilliant Product, Many Thanks!

Absolutely brilliant product, the best customer service I've ever experienced when buying from the Internet, will definitely recommend to all my friends. My man cave is looking great with my guitars up on the wall and super easy to fit too, Many Thanks!

Barbara H. (Kendal)
Prompt and friendly service

I ordered a nine-guitar wall hanger as a gift and was very impressed by the prompt and friendly service. I wish all businesses were such a pleasure to deal with. Well done GearHooks Limited!

Costa P. (Kingston)
Guitar wall hanger

Easy to install, very sturdy and looking good. Used for a home studio project, I would buy them again, highly suggested!

David T. (Gateshead)
Solid quality, superb fitting system, perfect instructions and coos communication with Luis

Solidly made, fitting system great, went up no problem. Definitely better than the old ones. This is a very well designed and professional bit of kit. Had to buy a little stool. The whole point of these it to regain floor space. So they have to go up quite high. Downside of this is, I need to be able to reach the straps. Easily solved with a little stool. Not sure how else it could be solved in terms of the actual product. It’s more of a practical concern. Some kind of sprung strap instead?? But then it’s the simplicity of this product that makes it excellent. Adding in extra components would bring complexity and things that could fail.

I’ve got a lot of weight on these racks, especially with the electric solid bodies and they seem to be holding up great.

Even in our 1910 Edwardian era lime plastered walls, the supplied fixings were great.

Definitely recommend.

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