Safely designed, manufactured and delivered in the UK *** WINTER SALE *** 20% off all racks plus free UK delivery over £75.00 with code FREEDEL75
Safely designed, manufactured and delivered in the UK *** WINTER SALE *** 20% off all racks plus free UK delivery over £75.00 with code FREEDEL75
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Fitting Instructions

Fitting Instructions - GearHooks® and GearRails®
Quick Fitting Guide
It’s a really quick and easy job to fit a hook (1 hole) or rail (3 holes). It takes very basic DIY skills and tools. You could fit a rail in 10 minutes but we recommend allowing longer to make sure it’s right. You only need to drill one 5mm or 8mm hole for a GearHook® or 3 for a GearRail®. Since the GearHooks® fit with a single, heavy duty fixing, you don’t have to worry about lining up 3 or 4 smaller holes. The GearRail® fits via 12mm wide slots so you can be a few mm ‘off’ when you drill the holes but the GearRail® will still be bob-on! The full instructions look long but that’s just because we like to explain things in detail. We recommend you read these before you start.
Tools needed
Power drill, tape measure, spirit level, 5mm wood bit or 8mm masonry bit, hammer, 5mm and/or 4mm Allen keys (long ones).
Location and position - this is important!! Measure twice, drill once!

1. Work out where to put the Hooks/rail.
Things like bike handlebars will stick out sideways from the GearHook®, or from the ends of the GearRail®. Remember to leave enough room for this, especially if you are using the double bike hooks where the bikes can be angled (by about 10 degrees).
2. Work out the height and mark the wall (see detailed instructions)
With bikes you can mount GearHooks® or GearRails® so that you don’t have to lift the bike or mount them higher up so the floor is clear. With things like skis or golf bags you need to allow enough height so the biggest/longest items don’t touch the floor.
3. Mark the centre hole at the height and position you have worked out (see above).
In wood - drill a 5mm diameter hole at least 70mm deep.
In masonry - drill a 8mm diameter hole at least 70mm deep. Avoid mortar joints.
Do not move the drill sideways while drilling otherwise the hole will be too big.
In masonry, clean out the hole (with a vacuum cleaner) and hammer in the grey, expanding fixing until the shoulder is flush with the wall. Make sure this is tight in the hole. If not, drill a new hole.
4. Screw in the Hex bolt (4mm)/clamp/washers until the GearHook® and clamp/GearRail® are touching the wall.

5. For a GearRail® check it is level and drill 2 more holes, through the end slots, fit the expanding fixings if needed and tighten as above.

6. Tighten the hex bolt(s) a further half turn.

7. Check the hook/rail is secure by pulling and twisting it quite hard. If it moves at all, tighten the hex bolt(s) a further half turn.

8. Repeat step 7 until the hook/rail will not move any more.
9. On a GearRail®, fit the GearHooks® in the positions you want, using the sliding nuts and hex bolts (5mm) and tighten them.
If the hook will not tighten on the wall it may be that you have chosen a weak spot in the wall or the hole you drilled is too big. In this case you will need to drill a new hole at least 20mm away from the first and use the spare expanding fixing to try again. If you continue to have problems we can send you more fixings (including a 10mm alternative which will fit in a slightly enlarged hole) free of charge. Just ask.

Safe use of the GearHooks® hooks and rails, and all quoted loads, rely on the quality of the wall and how well they have been fitted. We cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of the wall to which the hooks or rails are fitted or how well they have been fitted.
If the fixing is loose, rotates or moves then the GearHooks® Hooks and Rails may not be securely fixed to the wall. This could result in damage to property or people for which we cannot be held responsible. We recommend checking (and testing if necessary) the GearHooks® Hooks and Rails when fitting, and every time you use, the product. You should check that the hook or rail is tight to the wall, not rotating or moving and that the expanding fixing is not pulling out of the wall.
We do not recommend fixing hooks or rails directly to plasterboard, lightweight block walls, or any poor quality wall.
If you have any issues like this, we are here to help. We can supply extra fixing (usually free of charge), heavier duty fixings or just some good advice. Please feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks for Choosing GearHooks®.

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GearHooks - Every golfer should have a Golf bag wall storage


I am very please with my purchase, very easy to install and has made a bif difference when storing golf bags and trolley. I have manage to store three bags and a trolley on a single a Golf bag wall storage. Before this the bags were left in the garage taking up a lot of space and prone to falling over. The Golf bag wall storage has allowed me to store all my families bags in one place.
If I had one suggestion it would be to have a more flexible choice when selecting the various hooks that are available when purchasing a Golf bag wall storage, e.g. having the option to inlcude the shoe hook instead of the standard hooks. I think offering a more flexible hook choice purchased with the golf bag wall storage will make the product even more popular.

Garage hooks

Super product, well made, very sturdy and have really tidied up my garage. Customer service is excellent

Great product , well designed and very sturdy

We purchased the golf bag storage for 4 clubs . It was delivered on time , good instructions and is well designed and seems to be quite strong and has transformed the space in our garage . It’s nice to support British companies and we’d recommend the product to friends and family

Excellent rack, backed up by excellent service.

These racks are very nicely made and are flexible in their configuration. The support during deciding if these were suitable was superb, and additional padding was fitted to the hooks to ensure that my carbon fibre rims were well protected.
Luis was keen to understand my needs, including checking that the hooks were suitable for mounting deep rimmed wheels (many others are not).
Delivery was super quick too!
Overall, an excellent product and very good service.
Highly recommended and I immediately passed on details to a friend of mine who is kitting out his bike store.

Guitar hanger

Had to put my own screws in as those supplied not man enough, losing their grip. Using the Nine guitar hanging option each row is not long enough for a line of three Acoustic as the third one rubs against the second. Would be fine for six hanging or nine electric guitars.

Hi Carole,
Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.
Our fixings are not suitable for plasterboard or a dry lined wall.
Three acoustic guitars should fit on the hooks (our photos show 6 of my acoustic guitars on two hooks) but they will touch each other. A pad between them might help.
Thanks again,
Keep safe and well,