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Wall bike hook for 1 bike. GearHooks® B1
Wall bike hook for 1 bike. GearHooks® B1
Garage wall bike storage for a road bike
Wall mounting bike storage hooks for 1 or 2 bikes fitted to a wall with one downhill bike, two mountain bikes and two road bikes
Wall bike hook for 1 bike. GearHooks® B1
Vertical bike hook. Wall mounted bike hooks for several bikes
single vertical bike storage hook
Wall bike hook for 1 bike. GearHooks® B1
Wall bike hook for 1 bike. GearHooks® B1

Wall bike hook for 1 bike. GearHooks® B1

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 Main Features

  • Wall bike hook for road bike, mountain bike, BMX, Downhill, electric etc.
  • Mounts any bike on the wall. Any frame size. Child or adult bike. Any wheel size. Tyres up to 3”
  • No lifting for heavy bikes (50kg max) or Clear floor for lighter bikes (25 kg max)
  • Quick and easy to fit with just 1 hole and super strong fixings
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.



The GearHooks® B1 Wall bike hook will hang any type of child or adult’s bike vertically on the wall to save space in the home, garage or shed. It fits with just one hole, supports up to 20Kg and you don’t need to lift heavy bikes to use it.

It will accept any bike type (road bike, mountain bike, downhill bike, ebike etc.), any size bike (from childs to XL), any wheel size (26", 650b, 29", 700c) and all standard tyre sizes (up to 3"). 

You don’t even have to lift heavy bikes. All GearHooks bike hooks and rails will hold the bike upright with its back wheel still on the ground. Just pull on the back wheel, take a few steps backwards, so the bike rises onto its back wheel, and then roll the bike forwards and hook the front wheel without lifting.

If you want to keep the floor clear you can mount the hook high on the wall (as long as the wall and fixing are solid and you can lift the bike). It will hold up to 20kilos.

The GearHooks® B1 is a beautiful, minimalist, steel bike hook that is designed and made in the UK. It looks fantastic in a living room or office yet is tough enough for a shed or garage.  

It's quick and easy to fit using a single 8mm diameter hole, hex head bolt and heavy duty fixings. No need to line up 3 or 4 tiny holes and risk the drill bit 'wandering'. It will support a bike weighing up to 25Kg, if you can lift it. If not, just mount the hook in its No-Lift position.

The GearHooks® B1 includes the galvanised steel GearHook, rubber sleeve, CNC machined clamp, industrial hex bolt and wall anchor, full instructions and a lifetime guarantee.



The GearHooks® B1 wall bike hook includes;

  • 1 x cold formed steel bike hook with bright zinc plating to prevent corrosion and look great
  • 1 x soft rubber sleeve to hold and protect your bike wheel
  • 1 x CNC machined clamp in black engineering polymer that is stronger than aluminium
  • 1 x hex head wall bolt (Allen Key) for wood or plasterboard battens
  • 1 x expanding nylon fixing for brick, block, stone or concrete
  • Full fitting and use instructions
  • No quibble Lifetime guarantee

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