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Sports Equipment Storage - A guide


Sports equipment storage is a critical aspect of maintaining your gear and maximizing its longevity. Whether you're an avid athlete or a weekend warrior, having a well-organized space for your sports equipment ensures easy access, reduces clutter, and keeps everything in excellent condition. 

In this article we will be looking at some general guidelines for sports gear storage as well as looking at sport-specific storage solutions.


General guidelines

1. Bike wall storage

2. Golf Bag Stands and wall mounted racks

3. Ski wall mounts

4. Snowboard wall mounts

5. Water sports gear and wetsuit hangers

6. Horse tack and pony equipment storage

7. Skateboard wall mounts

8. Climbing gear storage rack

9. Tennis rackets, cricket bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs etc.

General Guidelines

Invest in Sports-Specific Storage Solutions

When it comes to storing sports gear, investing in storage solutions designed specifically for athletic equipment can make a world of difference. Wall-mounted racks, shelves, and specialized storage cabinets are available to accommodate various types of gear, from bikes and skis to bats and balls. These purpose-built storage options not only offer convenient organization but also help in keeping your equipment off the ground, preventing damage.

Create a Dedicated Gear Room or Area

If you have ample space available, consider designating a specific room or section of your garage solely for sports gear storage. This will allow you to create a comprehensive storage system that caters to all your athletic equipment. Install wall-mounted shelves, hooks, and pegboards to hang larger items like bicycles, tennis rackets, or hockey sticks. Additionally, you can incorporate adjustable shelves and cubbies to keep smaller items organized and easily accessible.

Utilize Hooks and Pegboards

Hooks and pegboards are versatile storage solutions that can be a game-changer for organizing sports gear. Install a pegboard on a wall in your garage or dedicated gear area and utilize hooks to hang helmets, gloves, and other smaller items. This not only saves valuable floor space but also ensures easy visibility and access to your equipment. Label each hook or section of the pegboard to create a logical and organized storage system.

Optimize Vertical Space with Wall-Mounted sports gear Storage

In situations where floor space is limited, optimizing vertical storage can be a lifesaver. Install wall-mounted shelves, racks, or even overhead storage systems to make use of the vertical space in your garage or gear room. This approach allows you to store larger items such as surfboards, kayaks, or skis without taking up valuable floor space. Additionally, it creates an aesthetically pleasing display for your sports gear.

Designate a Drying and Cleaning Station

Properly drying and cleaning your sports gear after each use is essential for maintaining its quality. Create a dedicated area within your storage space for this purpose. Install hooks or racks to hang wet items like jerseys, wetsuits, or towels. Include a small table or shelf to store cleaning supplies such as brushes, detergents, and disinfectants. This setup ensures that you can quickly clean and dry your equipment before storing it, preventing any potential damage caused by moisture or dirt build-up.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Maintaining your sports gear goes beyond storage and organization. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to ensure the equipment remains in top shape. Routinely check for signs of wear and tear, loose screws, or damaged parts. Replace or repair any defective or unsafe equipment promptly. Maintaining your gear not only prolongs its lifespan but also ensures your safety during play.

Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

If you have valuable or temperature-sensitive sports equipment, it's worth considering climate-controlled storage. Extreme temperature fluctuations can adversely affect certain gear, such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, or fishing rods. Climate-controlled storage helps maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, preserving your equipment's integrity and preventing any warping or deterioration. Look for storage facilities or cabinets with built-in temperature and humidity controls to safeguard your gear.

Sports Equipment Storage

Once you thought about all that you'll be ready to consider different ways to store your sports gear. Remember, this is not a one size fits all situation. Different gear will need different storage solutions. 

Large and oddly shaped items, like bikes and golf bags, will need specific wall hooks or stands. Some items, like balls and smaller items, might be better stored in boxes or in hanging baskets or bags.

So here are our recommendations:

1. Sports Equipment Storage - Bikes

Lets start with how to store sports equipment like bikes which are big, awkwardly shaped and can be heavy. There are 3 ways to store them:

  • on the floor (leant up against each other or in a floor rack)
  • on the wall (on bike wall mounts or a wall bike rack)
  • In the roof space (on a hoist system)

We think that bike wall mounts are an excellent solution. Not only do they save space, but they also keep your bikes secure and easily accessible. Here are a few reasons why bike wall mounts are the best choice for bike storage:

sports equipment storage

Maximize Space

Bike wall mounts allow you to make the most of your available space. By hanging your bikes on the wall, you can free up valuable floor space in your garage or apartment. This is especially beneficial for those with limited space.

Secure and Organized

Bike wall mounts keep your bikes secure and organized. They provide a sturdy and reliable place to hang your bikes, preventing them from getting damaged or knocked over. With a wall mount, you can easily store multiple bikes in an orderly manner, making it convenient to grab the one you need.

Easy Installation

Installing bike wall mounts is a breeze. Most mounts come with detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware. With just a few simple steps, you can have your wall mount securely in place and ready to use.

Accessible and Convenient

With your bikes mounted on the wall, they are easily accessible whenever you need them. No more searching through a messy pile of bikes or struggling to manoeuvre them out of a crowded corner. Your bikes will be proudly displayed on the wall, making it effortless to grab and go.

Overall, bike wall mounts offer a practical and efficient solution for storing your bikes. By utilizing wall space and keeping your bikes secure and organized, bike wall mounts are the ideal choice for any bike owner.

2. Sports Equipment Storage - Golf Bags and clubs

When it comes to storing sports equipment like golf bags and clubs, having a reliable storage solution is essential. A golf bag stand or a wall mounted golf bag rack are great options for keeping your clubs and bags in order. Here are a few ways to efficiently store your golf bags and clubs:

Golf Bag Stand

A golf bag stand is specifically designed to hold your golf bag upright, preventing it from falling over and keeping your clubs easily accessible. Look for a sturdy stand that can accommodate various bag sizes and has additional features like shelves or hooks for extra storage space.

These will keep the golf bags close to the ground and avoid having to lift heavy bags. However, if you are short on floor space or worried about mice (or other rodents) chewing your bags, this may not be the best solution.

sports equipment storage

Wall-mounted golf bag racks

For those with limited floor space, wall-mounted golf bag and golf club racks are a practical alternative. These racks securely mount to your wall, allowing you to hang your golf bags and clubs vertically. This not only saves space but also adds a visually appealing element to your golf storage area.

Golf Bag Organizer

If you prefer a compact storage solution, a golf bag organizer might be the right choice for you. These organizers typically feature multiple compartments and shelves, allowing you to neatly arrange your clubs, golf balls, and other accessories in one place.

By utilizing these storage options, you can keep your golf bags and clubs organized and ready for your next round. Invest in a golf bag stand, wall-mounted racks, or a golf bag organizer to ensure easy access and a clutter-free storage area.

3. Sports Equipment Storage - Skis

Storing winter sports equipment like skis, poles, and other gear can be tricky. rather than storing them on the floor in a corner of the garage, ski wall mounts are a great solution. These wall mounts provide a secure and space-saving way to store your equipment during the off-season or when you're not hitting the slopes.

sports equipment storage

Benefits of Ski Wall Mounts

Ski wall mounts offer several benefits. Firstly, they help keep your gear organized, eliminating clutter and ensuring easy accessibility. Secondly, they help protect your skis and poles from damage by keeping them off the ground and away from potential hazards. Lastly, wall mounts are a visually appealing storage solution, adding a stylish touch to your space.

Installation and Usage

Installing ski wall mounts is a straightforward process. Most mounts come with easy-to-follow instructions and can be installed with basic tools. Ensure that the mounts are securely attached to the wall studs for maximum stability.

Once your ski wall mounts are installed, you can easily hang your skis and poles by placing them in the designated slots or hooks. Make sure to position them in a way that ensures balance and prevents any unnecessary strain on the equipment.

Additional Storage Tips

In addition to ski wall mounts, you can further optimize your storage space by using storage racks or shelves to keep your boots, helmets, goggles, and other gear organized. Consider investing in storage boxes or bags to protect your belongings from dust and moisture.

Remember to clean and dry your skis and poles before storing them to prevent any damage or rust. Regularly inspect your gear for any signs of wear and tear and address any maintenance needs promptly.

Ski wall mounts are an excellent winter sports equipment storage solution. By utilizing good quality mounts and following proper storage techniques, you can ensure that your equipment remains in top condition, ready for your next skiing adventure.

4. Sports Equipment Storage - Snowboards

When the winter season comes to an end, it's time to find a suitable sports equipment storage solution for your snowboards. Proper snowboard storage not only helps keep your gear in good condition but also maximizes space in your home or garage. One popular and practical option is using snowboard wall mounts.

sports equipment storage

Snowboard wall mounts offer several advantages for storing your snowboards:

  • Space-saving: Wall mounts allow you to store your snowboards vertically, utilizing wall space and keeping your boards off the floor.

  • Easier access: By mounting your snowboards on the wall, you can easily see and access them whenever you need to, making it convenient to grab and go for your next snowboarding adventure.

  • Protection: Wall mounts keep your snowboards securely in place, preventing them from getting damaged or scratched while stored.

  • Display: If you're proud of your snowboard collection, wall mounts can turn your boards into a decorative wall display, adding a cool, sporty vibe to your space.

Tips for Snowboard Storage

Aside from using snowboard wall mounts, here are a few additional tips for storing your snowboards:

  • Clean and dry: Before storing your snowboards, clean them thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. Ensure they are completely dry to prevent rust or damage.

  • Waxed: Rub the steel edges with a candle or wax the whole base 

  • Store in a cool, dry place: It's important to store your snowboards in a location with stable temperatures and low humidity to prevent warping or mould growth.

  • Regular maintenance: Perform routine inspections and maintenance on your snowboards, such as waxing, sharpening the edges, and checking for any signs of damage.

By following these storage tips and utilizing snowboard wall mounts, you can ensure that your snowboards stay in great condition, ready for your next snowy adventure.

5. Sports Equipment Storage - Water sports

It's important when storing water sports equipment to find somewhere for it to hang freely and dry out properly to ensure its longevity and functionality. Make sure to rinse off any sand, saltwater or chlorine after each use and before they are hung to dry. Avoid putting any water sports gear into sealed boxes as this will almost certainly trap moisture, causing mould and rust.

If you use a floor standing or wall mounted sports equipment storage rack you can hang equipment out to dry and then leave it stored like this until it is needed again. Air can continue to circulate long after you think the item is dry.

sports equipment storage

Wetsuits are a crucial piece of gear for water sports enthusiasts, but they can be susceptible to damage if not stored properly. Hang it in a well-ventilated area, preferably on a wide hanger to maintain its shape. Avoid exposing your wetsuit to direct sunlight for extended periods as it can cause fading and deterioration.

Buoyancy aids, also known as life jackets or personal flotation devices (PFDs), should also be stored in a dry and well-ventilated area. Store them in an upright position to maintain their shape, preferably on a hanger, and buckle any straps to prevent them from tangling. Check the manufacturer's instructions for any specific care guidelines.

sports equipment storage

Diving gear, such as scuba masks, snorkels, and fins, requires proper storage to prevent damage and prolong their lifespan. Let them air dry completely before storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep the components together, either in a dedicated gear bag (mesh is best) or on a rack, to ensure they remain organized and easily accessible.

Inflatables, such as inflatable paddleboards or kayaks, need special care to maintain their functionality and prevent punctures. It is particularly important to store them dry to avoid black mould growing on them. Inflate them slightly to ensure there is no trapped moisture, then dry them completely before deflating and folding them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Store them in a cool, dry place. Hanging them up, in their storage bag, will keep them off the floor and away from sharp objects that could puncture them.

Paddles are an important accessory for many water sports, and proper storage is crucial to keep them in good condition. Store them in a vertical position or hang them on a wall rack to avoid bending or warping. If the paddles can be disassembled, separate the pieces before storing them to minimize the risk of damage.

Masks and fins used for snorkelling or diving should be rinsed with fresh water to remove salt, sand, and any debris before storage. Dry them thoroughly, making sure there is no trapped water inside the mask or fins. Store them in a dedicated gear bag or container, protecting them from potential damage. Additionally, consider using fin keepers to maintain the shape and prevent bending of the fins. All of these could be stored in boxes but hanging in mesh bags, or directly onto a wall mounted rack, will allow air to circulate and ensure they dry properly.

Proper storage will not only save you money in the long run but also enhance your overall water sports experience.

6. Sports Equipment Storage - Horse and pony

Properly storing your horse and pony riding gear is crucial for maintaining its quality and longevity. One of the best ways to ensure that your gear stays organized and in good condition is by using a wall mounted rack or a tack locker. These are designed specifically for equestrian equipment and supplies, providing a secure and convenient space to store your saddles, blankets, reins, and other gear.

sports equipment storage

Investing in a wall mounted rack or a tack locker offers several advantages for horse and pony owners:

  • Organization: A tack locker or rack provides dedicated hooks for different items, allowing you to keep everything neatly arranged.
  • Protection: Tack lockers and racks are designed to protect your gear from dust, dirt, moisture, and damage, helping to prolong its lifespan.
  • Convenience: With a wall mounted rack or a tack locker, you'll have all your riding gear in one place, making it easy to find and access whenever you need it.

Saddles are one of the most important and expensive items in your horse or pony riding gear collection. To store one properly clean it to remove any dirt or sweat and use a saddle cover or pad to protect it from dust and scratches. Then store it on a saddle rack or stand to maintain its shape and prevent any pressure points, in a dry and well-ventilated area to prevent moisture damage.

Blankets and pads are essential for keeping your horse or pony comfortable during rides. Wash and thoroughly dry the blankets and pads before storing them to prevent mould and mildew. Hanging blankets and pads will ensure they are free from moisture to prevent any damage.

Reins, bridles, bits, and other smaller riding gear items should also be stored properly. Hang bridles and reins on hooks or use a bridle rack to prevent entanglement and maintain their shape. Store bits and smaller gear in mesh bags on hooks, or in drawers, to keep them organized and easily accessible.

7. Sports Equipment Storage - Skateboards

Skateboard wall hangers have become a popular choice among skateboard enthusiasts due to their convenience and space-saving benefits. Leaving your skateboards lying around can lead to accidental damage such as scratches, cracks, or even worse, snapping the deck. By utilizing skateboard wall hangers and wall mounted skateboard racks, you can ensure your skateboards are stored safely and look great too!

sports equipment storage

A well designed skateboard wall hanger or wall rack should be able to hold all the different kinds of boards like 
  • Street Skateboards: These are the most common type of skateboards used for tricks and street riding.
  • Longboards: These longer skateboards are designed for cruising and downhill riding.
  • Cruiser Boards: Similar to longboards, cruiser boards are great for commuting and general transportation.
  • Penny Boards: Penny boards are small plastic skateboards known for their portability and manoeuvrability.

Store your skateboards away from extreme temperatures and humidity as these conditions can damage the deck and bearings. Regularly check the hangers for any signs of wear and tear to ensure they continue to hold your skateboards securely.

8. Sports Equipment Storage - Climbing gear

When it comes to climbing gear, proper storage is essential to ensure the longevity and safety of your equipment. Maintaining a well-organized storage system not only helps to preserve the quality of your climbing gear, but it also makes it easier to find and access your equipment when you need it. Here are some tips on how to store your climbing equipment:

sports equipment storage

Climbing gear can be stored in boxes but it quickly becomes confused and tangled. One solution is a wall mounted climbing gear rack with a mixture of hooks to hold ropes, harnesses, helmets and all the other climbing paraphernalia.

Climbing ropes need to be kept dry and away from direct sunlight. Store them in a cool, dry place, preferably hanging them from a rope bag, coiled on a rope tarp or hanging on a hook. This helps to prevent kinks and tangles, which can weaken the rope. Avoid storing ropes near chemicals or sharp objects that may damage the material.

Harnesses can be hung on a sturdy hanger or stored flat in a gear bag. Make sure to empty any pockets and clean the harness before storing it. Avoid bending or twisting the harness, as this can compromise its integrity. Keeping your harness in a dry environment away from extreme temperatures helps to prevent damage and prolong its lifespan.

Skis or snowboards can be stored alongside other winter climbing gear like ice axes and crampons. Store skis in a cool, dry place, preferably in a ski bag or on a wall mounting ski rack. Make sure to wipe down the skis and remove any dirt or moisture before storing them. Protect the edges by waxing or rubbing with a candle. Storing skis on a rack minimises the risk of scratches or damage.

Helmets are a vital piece of climbing gear to protect your head. Store them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. They can be hung by the straps or in protective bags. Inspect the helmet regularly for any signs of damage and ensure that the straps are properly adjusted.

Carabiners and other small climbing equipment items can be stored in a tackle box or on a rack with multiple hooks. This helps to keep them organized and prevents tangling or damage. Make sure to clean and inspect carabiners regularly and replace any worn-out or damaged equipment.

Remember that climbing gear storage plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and longevity of your equipment. 

Sports equipment Storage - Tennis Rackets, Cricket Bats, Hockey Sticks and Golf Clubs

Sports equipment like tennis rackets, cricket bats, hockey sticks, and golf clubs can be difficult to store. Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur enthusiast, proper racket storage is crucial to maintain the longevity and performance of these items. 

An easy way to store all these items is in bins or boxes. However, these can mean that they are piled up, one on top of the other and can easily be damaged.

An alternative is to hang them on purpose made hooks with specific gaps so that several can be stored one behind the other and next to each other.

sports equipment storage

Before storing them:

  • Remove any dirt or debris with a clean cloth.
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Check for any damages and repair if necessary.
  • Avoid storing in extreme temperatures or humid conditions.

    Proper care and storage will help maintain the performance and longevity of your tennis rackets, cricket bats, hockey sticks, and golf clubs, ensuring you can continue to enjoy your favourite sports for years to come.


    In conclusion, effective sports equipment storage is vital to maintaining organization, accessibility, and the overall lifespan of your gear. By investing in sports-specific storage solutions, optimizing available space, utilizing hooks and pegboards you can ensure your sports gear remains in excellent condition and ready for use whenever you need it.

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