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How To Choose the Perfect Bike for Your Style of Riding


How To Choose the Perfect Bike for Your Style of Riding

Are you looking into buying a new bike soon? You’ll want to make sure that you choose a bike best made for your riding style. Everyone has different preferences, so selecting a bike that suits your unique needs the best will make it more comfortable and fun to ride.

Below we will delve into many different bikes and what riding styles they suit. You’ll know exactly what type once we’re done. Let’s begin!

1. Think About Where You’ll Ride

Photo by Tower Electric Bikes on Unsplash

First, you’ll need to consider why you’re getting the bike. Do you plan on using it for commuting? Or do you plan to take it off-road or along the beach? Where you ride the bike can change your riding style, so you’ll need to choose a frame suitable for the terrain.

There are so many different types of bikes, allowing you to choose the one that’s most useful for you. This chart breaks down several frame types and where you’re meant to ride them:

Bike Type

Where You Ride Them

What They’re Best For

Road Bike

On roads

Travel along city and country roads

Adventure Road or All-Road Bike

Pavement and some uneven surfaces

Short-distance commuting

Mountain Bike

Off-road, such as on trails and bridleways

Outdoor exercise

Hybrid Bike

Paved roads, some light off-road paths


Cruiser Bikes

Beaches, boardwalks, flat roads

Short-distance commuting and beach travel

Thinking about where you plan on riding the bike and what you want to use it for can help you choose a frame that suits your needs. If you ignore this step, you’ll likely pick a bike that’s uncomfortable and unstable on the terrain you traverse the most.

2. Consider How You Want To Sit

Photo by Axel Brunst on Unsplash

Next, you’ll want to consider how you like to sit on a bike. Do you prefer to sit straight up or want to feel relaxed when on the bike?

Most bikes have you sit upright, although they can differ. For example, you sit upright on a road bike, and the handlebars are low, allowing you to see around easily. The dropped bars can also take a lot of stress off your hands and arms since you’re not bent over.

Mountain bikes also have you sit straight, but they don’t use drop handlebars. Their upright handlebars give you more control and stability on rough terrain. However, they’re not as comfortable.

Beach cruiser bikes don’t have you sit upright. Instead, you’re lower to the ground in a much more relaxed position. This frame is best if you want a smooth, comfortable ride. However, it can be harder to turn this bike, making it best on straight paths.

Considering how you feel best sitting on a bike will help you choose between them. Make sure you also consider where you’re going to ride the bike. Often, people choose a hybrid bike to get the most out of road and mountain bikes.

3. Decide Between a Standard and E-Bike

You’ll also need to consider whether you want a standard bike or an e-bike. E-bike is short for “electric bicycle,” a standard bike with a motor. The engine offers a pedal-assist function to help you ride longer without wearing yourself out.

If you plan on using this bike daily for your commute and chores, then an e-bike would have to be the best choice. You still get a great workout but won’t exhaust yourself on your way to your job. However, standard bikes are better if you only plan on using the bike for exercising.

All bikes come in standard and e-bike forms. For instance, you can find electric cruiser bikes that are perfect for long trips across the boardwalk.

Generally, you’ll want to choose an e-bike if you’re looking for a low-impact workout or have a long commute. A standard bike is better if you want high-impact training or have a short commute.

4. Check the Frame Size

Once you have an idea of what bike you’re going to get, you’ll want to check its frame size. While it’s best to inspect the bike in person before buying it, you can always compare the measurements of the bike to what you need when buying it online. Some places also offer to measure you in their stores. 

You shouldn’t feel cramped on the bike— you don’t want your knees coming up to your chest as you try pedaling. You also don’t want to feel like you need to stretch yourself to reach the pedals. Every move you make should feel comfortable.

Each type of bike uses different rules for fitting so that you can fit comfortably in the seat. You’ll want to compare your height to a size chart for the brand and frame you’re interested in since all bikes can vary in size.

Once you’ve determined your bike size, you can compare that number to unlimited frames online. 

5. Take It on a Test Ride

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

If you’re buying the bike in person, you’ll want to try sitting on it. Some vendors may let you slowly ride the bike around their shop to see if it fits your riding style well. 

If you’re buying the bike online, don’t worry! You should get a warranty with the order. If you don’t get the right size, you should have a limited time to return it and get another one. However, that means you shouldn’t waste any time taking your new bike out for a ride after you get it.

The sooner you can ride the bike, the better. You wouldn’t want to invest in a new bicycle only to find that it’s not a good match for you.

Choose a Bike You Love

It can take a lot of research, but it’s possible to find the perfect bike for your style of riding. As long as you choose a bike you love, you’ll surely use it all the time. There are many options, including cruiser, road, and mountain bikes, so we’re confident you can find a bike that suits you the best!

How to store your bike

Once you have got your new bike you will probably want to store it in in a garage or shed. Just leaning it up against the wall is OK if you have plenty of space and only one bike. However, if you have a few bikes or not much space then you will need some kind of bike storage product.


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