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How to Store Short Step Ladders Indoors – A Helpful Guide


When it comes to storing ladders, it can be a challenge. They're not the most straightforward shape to allow easy storage, and despite many innovations in ladder design, you still have an "object" to store. So, taking into account all the varieties of step ladders now available - here's how to store short step ladders indoors.

In summary;

For indoor step ladder storage, store ladders away from people or machinery for safety reasons. Support step ladders horizontally on racks, or mount them on the wall. This keeps them off the ground. Support points should be spaced every 2 m (6 ft). Store shorter ladders vertically.

Whether they're long ladders or short step ladders If you do have to store them outside, then try to protect your ladders from the weather - and make sure they're not left available to be used by intruders to scale walls.

That's the short answer, but much of this depends on the type of ladder you have, and what available space you have too.

Ladders are tools!

Let's not forget, ladders are essentially a useful tool. So unless you create some decorative wall feature from an old ladder then nothing screams "clutter" quite like seeing a pair of step ladders standing in the corner of a room.

No matter how you might be proud of your new shiny retractable step ladder - they are still looked at as clutter when they are left lying around!

So first, we'll look at safety, then types of step ladders you might be looking to store. And finally the method of storage - all with easy and affordable solutions.

How to store short step ladders indoors – Safety first

It can be risky enough at times when using a ladder around your home or business. There are obvious safety aspects to take into account. The same care should be applied when storing short-step ladders.

They may be smaller, but they can still pose a hazard. Simply put, apply your common sense, and consider the safety of yourself, your family and your pets.

Where to store short step ladders

If you have a large house, it’s best to keep a ladder in a room that isn’t used often or by children or animals. This minimizes any risk of them getting hurt if they were to accidentally knock it over or climb up it.

You might be short on space and need to store it in a room or space that’s used often, such as your garage. Make sure the ladder is put away in an area where no one can trip over it. If possible secure it against a wall, or keep it out of reach.

step ladder hung on the wall stored in a garage

Securing it against the wall is easy with the GearHooks wall hanging system. Check out the results you can get from our simple wall storage system that declutters lots of items.

How to store short step ladders indoors - Types of step ladders

Short step ladders come in various sizes and materials – from fibreglass to aluminium; plastic and even wooden.

Depending on the material you choose, this will determine how easily compact they can be stored. Generally speaking, metal ladders tend to fold up much more compactly than their plastic counterparts when not in use, and certainly more than wooden ones.

So each type of ladder comes with different considerations when storing them. A folding ladder will likely be easier to store than a traditional step ladder given its ability to collapse down into a smaller size.

Some folding ladders even come with a specific carry bag for easy storage.

However, whether it’s a folding or non-folding step ladder, there are still plenty of ways to store them. Let's take a look at some of the common methods.

How to store short step ladders indoors – Method of storage

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, consider using a wall-mounted rack system.

This is especially useful if you’ve got multiple ladders in your home or business and you want to keep them organised. Or even to store them efficiently alongside a multitude of other items.

It also means they won’t take up any valuable floor space.

Other options include ceiling-mounted racks that allow you to hang the ladder off the roof or even drills and hooks.

For portable storage solutions, look for bags with straps designed specifically for ladders as we mentioned earlier, or use a tarp and rope combination as an easy way to wrap it up and carry it around.

Securing ladders to the wall - Solutions

When it comes to storing ladders on the wall, you need a fast solution to both secure them and remove them. No one wants to spend a long time tieing and untieing ropes and guides so you can use your step ladders for a few minutes. So here are a couple of solutions for you.

The first is an adjustable hanging strap secured to the wall, and that wraps around the top of the ladder, with two hooks at either end for easy storage.

The second is a rail and hook system. This allows you to easily hang up the ladder onto the wall, and then just as easily take it down when needed.

This is where we come in! GearHooks is a simple and effective system for storing your shorter step ladders with a simple hook system, that not only keeps them secure, and out of the way but also enables you to store a variety of other items along a wall space.

Not only that, but it's an expandable system, so you can add separate hooks and rails as you need them.

For ladders, check out this system, you should find it’s just what you're looking for.

Whichever method you choose, make sure it’s firmly in place and won’t fall off.

And there you have it – simple steps on how to store short-step ladders indoors safely and securely. With these tips, you can free up floor space around your home or business while also keeping everyone safe!

How to store short step ladders indoors – Rounding up

At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for storing short-step ladders indoors. It all depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whether you choose to use a wall or ceiling mount, bags with straps, our GearHooks system, or something else – just make sure it’s secure, safe and easy to access when needed.

Create a clutter-free by using our much-loved Gearhooks wall storage system!

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