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Why Do People Hang Guitars? Here’s Why, and How to Do It


Hanging a guitar on the wall has been done for decades, if not centuries. But why do people hang guitars? Where do they hang them, and is it good or bad to hang guitars? And as a follow-on from that, what's the best way to hang guitars on your wall anyway?

Guitar wall hangers
Be it the lounge, the bedsit, or the studio, you might be exploring the best options for hanging your guitars. If so, then as experts in manufacturing hanging products we're going to answer these questions and more in this post.

Let's start with a brief answer, then we'll get into more detail...

People commonly hang their guitars on the wall. It's perfectly fine and will not harm the guitar if done properly. It can help keep your guitar safe from damage, easily accessible, out of harm's way like pets and toddlers, and make the best use of space. Just make sure you hang it securely.

Beyond just this simple answer, we'll look now at a more detailed answer and respond to more questions.

Why do people hang guitars?

GearHooks Guitar wall mount - user photograph

Here we will list the reasons in-depth...

  1. To show off your guitar - It's no secret that guitars can be an expensive investment, and hanging them on the wall can be a great way to show them off to friends, family, or customers if you have a music shop.
  1. To conserve space - Display racks take up less room than cases and are easier to move around.
  1. To protect your guitar from damage - Keeping the instrument away from the floor, heaters or radiators can prevent it from being damaged by pets, children and other factors.
  1. To keep dust away - Guitars don't just look better when hung on the wall; they tend to stay cleaner too! Better than gathering dust under your bed, hanging a guitar enables quick and easy dusting alongside maintaining your home.

Incidentally, do not hang your guitars in your garage, unless your garage is converted into more of a living space area. Otherwise, temperature fluctuations will not be good for your guitar!

Hanging guitars on the wall

Is hanging a guitar on a wall easy to do?

Providing you use a sturdy hook or hanger to make sure it doesn’t come loose, and that it's easy to access, then hanging a guitar works on several levels – as we've outlined above.

Also, make sure the guitar's strings are properly tuned before hanging them so they don't loosen over time. It may be helpful to add padding around the neck of the instrument to cushion against any bumps or knocks. With due care and attention, your guitar should remain safe while hung on the wall.

What is the best way to hang a guitar?

You could set about trying to use standard screws and rubber washers, plus drills and tape and all manner of DIY tools and hardware.

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash


  1. A DIY method isn't necessarily going to work
  2. It may not be the best method to maintain the shape of the guitar
  3. It might not set your guitar in the best light for exhibiting
  4. It might not be convenient to remove and use without untying knots and removing rubber bands!

If you intend to go about this the right way, then you need the kind of hooks designed for hanging guitars on the wall. The kind that guitar stores use for display purposes.

Remember ... guitar shops are trying to sell guitars and need to display them to look good!

1. Use hooks made specifically for guitars

GearHooks Guitar wall mount - user photograph

Hooks like these at GearHooks are designed with hanging these exact types of items in mind. And they hold onto the instrument's neck securely while still protecting it from dings and scratches.

This can apply whether you're hanging any similar instrument, be it guitars, ukuleles, or banjos.

2. Ensure proper weight distribution

Guitar wall racks
GearHooks Guitar wall mount - user photograph

When mounting a hanging rack, make sure to spread the weight of your instruments evenly across the rack or wall. This will ensure that one area isn't taking the brunt of the load and causing undue strain on the structure. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with the GearHooks product.

3. Use a secure mount

electric guitar wall mount

When hanging a guitar, make sure to use high-quality screws and anchors provided by the GearHooks system that are designed to hold even heavier items securely.

This system is a wall rail for extra strength and security. Check our fitting instructions to be sure of how to install it.

4. Avoid direct sunlight

guitars mounted on a wall in a studio
GearHooks Guitar wall mount - user photograph

Direct sunlight can be damaging to any instrument over time. If possible, hang your guitar away from a window to avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays or draw a bilnd on sunny days.

5. Check mounting points regularly

Regularly check all mounting points on both your wall and your guitar hook to make sure everything is secure and in good condition.

This will help ensure your instrument is always properly supported and safe from any potential damage.

6. Keep it level

Make sure the guitar is level when it’s hanging on the wall to avoid putting stress on the neck or body of the instrument.

guitar hooks

But, with our GearHook product, you can mount the main anchors at an angle, and then hang multiple guitars vertically from the frame. Check it out here.

7. Use padding

To protect the body and finish of your guitar, you might want to use some cushioning material between it and adjacent guitars or the wall.

Soft felt pads are a great choice as they prevent scratches and absorb vibrations that could otherwise harm your instrument over time.

8. Take care not to overtighten screws

When mounting any base plate to the wall, be careful not to overtighten the screws. Excessive force might strip the screws and therefore makes the hanging structure unstable.

If you're not confident in DIY – and specifically attaching items securely to a wall, then find someone who is and ask them for some assistance, check our fitting instructions for more help.

9. Keep it away from heat and moisture

GearHooks Guitar wall mount - user photograph

Excessive heat or moisture can cause serious damage to your guitar, so be sure to keep it in a room that is well-ventilated and has low humidity levels.

Avoid hanging it near (and certainly not above) radiators, fireplaces or other sources of heat and NEVER leave it in direct sunlight for extended periods.

10. Check regularly

Finally, make sure to check on your guitar periodically to ensure that none of the mounting points has become undone or that there is any damage to the body. This will help ensure that you can always enjoy playing your instrument in its best condition.

But hanging your guitar does not mean you can forget about caring for it...

Guitar maintenance

Good maintenance and care of your guitar are essential if you want it to last for many years.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your instrument is always in top shape and ready to provide beautiful music for years to come. Maintenance becomes far easier when you can simply grab the guitar off the wall and begin...

  • Clean the guitar's body and neck regularly with a soft cloth to protect against dirt, dust and other corrosive agents.
  • Check for signs of wear or damage on the strings, frets and bridge. If any damage is found, replace the parts immediately. 
  • Check its not damp or too hot in the room

Why do people hang guitars – Next steps

guitars on a wall

GearHooks Guitar wall mount - user photograph

We hope that has answered your question regarding "why do people hang guitars." Beyond that, if you want to go ahead and hang your guitar on the wall, then make sure you have the right mounting hardware and ensure that your guitar is safely secured.

Guitars aren't the only thing that can be hung on the walls in your home, garage, shed or even in a school, college or office. There are all sorts of wall hanging solutions for bikes, skis, garden tools and more and you can find them on the GearHooks.com website.

Thanks for reading. Happy playing!!

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