Designed and manufactured in the UK. Guaranteed for life. VAT included. No import charges!! *** SPRING SALE *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK delivery over £75.00 with code FREEDEL75
Designed and manufactured in the UK. Guaranteed for life. VAT included. No import charges!! *** SPRING SALE *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK delivery over £75.00 with code FREEDEL75
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Golf club storage hook
Golf bag storage rack with 2 full golf bags, trolley, shoes and golf club storage hooks
Golf bag storage rack with 2 full golf bags and 2 trolleys
Golf bag storage hook
Golf club storage hook
Golf trolley storage hook for 2 or more trolleys
Golf bag storage rack with full golf bag and trolley
Golf bag storage rack with 4 full golf bags and 2 trolleys
Golf shoe storage hook
Golf shoe storage hooks for 2 pairs of shoes
Golf clothing storage hook
Golf club wall storage - extra GearHooks® for golf bags, trolleys, clubs, clothing and shoes. GearHooks®

Golf club wall storage - extra GearHooks® for golf bags, trolleys, clubs, clothing and shoes. GearHooks®

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The GearHooks® G2/3/4/5 racks can all be expanded, upgraded and customised by adding additional hooks to provide the maximum storage in the minimum space.

Extra Golf GearHooks© include:

Golf club storage hook (up to 10 clubs)
If you are proud of your clubs and want to display them or if you just want to make sure they dry out properly the GearHooks® 16/300DP will allow you to store up to 10 clubs on a single hook. The same hook can also be used for 2 trolleys or clothing and umbrellas.

Golf bag or Golf trolley storage hook (1 bag/trolley)
The GearHooks® 16/50DP is a 50mm long double hook which allows extra golf bag storage or golf trolley storage on a GearRail®. Each double hook will support up to 20Kilos.

Double golf trolley Storage hook (2 trolleys)
The GearHooks® 16/300DP is a 300mm long double hook that allows 2 or more golf trolleys each weighing up to 10 kilos to be mounted one in front of another, to maximise storage space, on a GearRail®. The same hook can also be used for clothes, umbrellas or golf clubs.

Golf shoe storage hook (1 pair)
The 16/180DH allows a pair of golf shoes to be mounted in between and above golf bags and trolleys. It will keep shoes off the floor and allow them to dry off properly before you next use them.

Golf Clothes storage hook (10+ items)
The GearHooks® 16/300DP is a 300mm long double prong enabling golf trousers and jackets to be hung to dry or for longer term storage. You can easily store several jackets, trousers, jumpers and other clothing directly on this hook or on hangers. The same hook can also be used for 2 trolleys or golf clubs and umbrellas.

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for take a look at the General Purpose GearHooks® listed at the end of this collection, or get in touch - were sure to have something to help you.

Each GearHook® is Manufactured from cold formed steel with bright zinc plating to prevent corrosion and has a soft rubber coating to protect your equipment. It can be adjusted up, down and sideways to stop adjacent parts colliding and comes with a CNC machined clamp, Hex head bolt and M8 sliding nut enabling it to be fitted anywhere on the GearRail®. 

For more information about GearHooks® take a look at our FAQs at the bottom of this page.

SALE PRICES - all complete racks include a reduction of AT LEAST 20% compared to the cost of buying individual hooks and rails. This discount is applied automatically and the list price and discounted prices are shown on the product pages. Additional discounts (such as free shipping) require a code to activate them.

All prices now include VAT. Business users and schools, colleges etc. can reclaim 20% VAT effectively saving around 40% on the list prices shown.

Some photographs may show extra items, optional hooks and colours which may not be included with your particular product choice. We try to accurately describe each product but cannot photograph all variants. Please check descriptions, and your choices when ordering, carefully. 

GearHooks® - Make Space - Save Time - Do more!

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Good idea
Reply extract : You can fix the rail vertical, or at any angle. When vertical, the hook will sit inside the lips on the rail, or we can supply 40mm washers to bridge the gap. You can see vertical rails in the Bike section on the website. Let me know if you need any extra wall fixings and washers for your existing set up or for any future orders.

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Quality product

Great product for my guitars - makes best use of smaller free wall space.

Garden Gearhooks

Installed. Tools tidy and design allows for Stihl garden tools as well as hand tools to hang really well. Very strong, well designed. Recommended.


Brilliant. Does exactly what was claimed. Flat pack to put Ikea to shame - everything included and packaged uncommonly thoughtfully by Luis. Excellent customer service. A pleasure to support a standout small business.

Bought 4x3 hangers

Think these are really good. I couldn’t find anything online but my wife thankfully did. I had been using single hooks but need more space and, with the wall being the dot and dab kind, I was struggling because of various pipes wires etc. The spacing of these mean I can get 4 guitars in much more efficiently and have enough wiggle room to move the fixings an inch or two either way. I didn’t use the bolts that came with it because of the wall, but they look like they would work well in brick or wood. I used dry line pro fixings which bridge the gap between the plaster and go into the brick. Expensive but really strong. I used the washers that came with the racks which seemed to work well. I’ve got some Gibsons and Fenders so was terrified reading what the hook coatings might do so I wrapped some microfibre cloths round them and it looks good and works fine. Maybe this could be some sort of option in future. Also for the Gibsons, the head stock seems to touch the rack at the back so have brought it forwards a bit. Overall really pleased. Looks really good too and I have room to add more guitars

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your review.
I'm glad you sorted the right fixings out for your wall. Ours cannot be used on dry lined walls.
The guitars should be fine on the silicone sleeves. Just check them after a couple of hours. Nitrocellulose lacquer is very delicate and is used on guitars that are expensive so it's worth checking.
I'm really pleased that you like your GearHooks. They are guaranteed for life so if anything goes wrong or you need anything at all please get back in touch.
Thanks again.
Stay safe and well.

Great sturdy bike rack.

The 'V' makes all the difference. Looks so much more aesthetically please than normal bike racks.