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Customer reviews and testimonials

Everyone says this, but we really believe that customer satisfaction is paramount. It's why we offer the 'Love it - or Return it' promise and a Lifetime Warranty. We want customers to try the product and see for themselves how good they are and then keep enjoying them for many, many years. If you don't like a product for any reason, we'll arrange to have it collected. If the product ever goes wrong, we will fix it. All free of charge.

These are genuine testimonials from customers after they have fitted and used the GearHooks bike, golf, ski or other product. We wanted to include a few mediocre or bad reviews but we simply don't have any. Honestly! 

Testimonials and Product Reviews are not quoted in full, just the relevant parts, but full copies are available on request. Links to the original reviews are included. They are in descending date order. 

Customer Reviews

Bike rack     7/10/18      Alan R. by email

My husband (Alan) has just got around to mounting the bracket and hooks (he had to clean out the garage first).I can say that we are both impressed with the product and its robustness.Once again thanks for such a great space saver.We shall be spreading the word to our friends and family. 


3 x Guitar rack     28/9/18     Spencer A. by email

The GearHooks are fantastic, exactly what I was after and still holding strong


Golf rack     26/9/18     Jean H. by email

... the rail and hooks were very easy for two amateurs to install and golf bags hanging nicely.         


Golf rack     10/9/18     Thomas G. by email

... hung it yesterday and really pleased. I will definitely be recommending you to my golfing friends.    

BR1+ bike hook     11/8/18     Josh on Amazon.co.uk

(This review is so good it looks like we've paid Josh to write it, But I promise we didn't. The original is on Amazon.co.uk)


11 out of 10     Absolutely flawless product and service.

The lack of reviews put me off buying this at first but I checked out their website and figured it was worth a try. I knew I'd made a good decision based on the packaging alone. Pretty minimal, yet well protected in a very thoughtful way for such an odd shape. The hook itself looks absolutely top notch. The description mentioned "bright galvanised steel" but I somehow expected something lesser. I don't know one steel from another but I do know this looks expensive and feels incredibly heavy. I have no doubt it will last a lifetime.

The fixing was dead simple and reassuringly strong. The instructions are even worth a call out. Most sets of instructions can barely be called English. After reading these I wanted the sequel! Not only did it come with a spare Rawl plug they even said if I muck up the hole they'll send me something to fix it... for free!

These guys clearly know what they're doing and care deeply about doing something special. I would have been completely happy at twice the price. I'm just a regular Amazon customer and I have no affiliation whatsoever with the company, but I do think their hooks are so good I even signed up for their newsletter. Never done that before!


Guitar Rack     2/8/18     Alan H. by email

Just a note to say what a great product! Feels absolutely bomb proof and was dead easy to put up. I'll definitely be back for more.


8 x Ski Hooks (DP30/200)     2/5/18     Russell A. by email

The brackets arrived and were fitted today - just perfect. Thank you for your help and advice.


Bike and parts rack     19/5/18     Sean M. by email

I have been meaning to get back to you and let you know how we got on. Really well is the answer! The GearHooks work great.

We have 4 x bikes, 1 x pump, 1x bike stand, 2x spare wheels, 1x chain saw, 1x strimmer on two rails installed with a massive batten (on the shed wall). Thanks again for all your help. Super Happy Customers


Bike Hooks     23/6/18     Peter M. by email

I'm really pleased with the hooks. They were really easy to fit, 10 minutes max. The perfect way to store bikes to prevent them getting damaged. Great added feature of the hook to hold helmets and bags etc. I am most certainly going to recommend these hooks to other bikers.


Guitar Rack     28/4/18     Becky H. on Facebook

A great product and the best customer service we've experienced in a seriously long time. Luis has gone above and beyond to make sure we are happy with the product and we would have no hesitation in recommending him and GearHooks to others. Thank you.


Bike racks     19/5 2018     Keith T. by email

We've just put the rails up today as we've been having a bike store built. We're really pleased with them. They were easy to install, adjusting them is very straightforward, they are sturdy and they look great. You have produced a well designed product. We will add some further hooks and will come back to you with a second order. 


Bike hooks     28/3/18     James M. by email

I originally got two brackets as i was unsure on the product but as you can see I've ordered two more as they are brilliant and well made  meaning I trust them to hold my pride and joys.

They will be holding two DH bikes, one ladies bike and a Jump bike staggered on one wall.


Bike Hooks     9/4/18     Emma M.

I received them really quickly and they were really easy to put up especially as the instructions were so comprehensive.

I only have a pick of the hooks on there own on the wall as i have been waiting for my new bike to come to hang on them but it arrived at weekend so i can hang it tonight and get a pic and send that.

Overall I think your product is great price wise and the quality is also really good.


2 x Bike racks     7/4/18     Dan C. by email

I ended up not having enough space to V the tracks (door, other stuff on/near the wall that I couldn’t move) so offset as a double rail.

It’s working really well - including for the tandem.

My only comment is that, despite following the instructions very explicitly, I think it left the bike’s a little too low. Works though - waited a while to make sure all was good!

Product Reviews

Ski Rack     17/9/18     Product Review extract

Skis and snowboards can be the most awkward things to store, especially if you have several, so Gearhooks will come as a boon to anyone looking for a simple, stylish and convenient way to rack their kit.

Given the price of a Gearhooks system it’s a great investment for any skier or boarder with a quiver.

A simple, easy-to-use storage solution for skis and boards at a great price

Copy and paste this link for the full review https://www.skiclub.co.uk/news/kit-news/2018/09/gear-hook-review


Bike/Climbing gear rack     7/10/2018     Product Review extract

GearHooks is a simple but brilliantly adaptable device for storing all kinds of sports equipment, including bikes, ski and snowboard items, golf clubs, climbing kit, rucksacks etc. You could also use it for the storage of musical instruments or gardening items.

As soon as Hubby G saw the device he immediately decided it would be perfect for his climbing gear. He likes being able to see all the items laid out and climbing kit is quite tricky to store in general…

…But I could see how useful the GearHooks would be for all of our skis, boots, poles, helmets and rucksacks. And then we would need another rack for the bikes.

We have been fighting (a little) over who gets to store what on the GearHooks.

I like that it’s so easy to add items to the racks and that you can see everything laid out neatly before you. We have so many items of sports equipment that it is good to find a device that takes all kinds of items in one place regardless of shape or length.

Copy and paste this link for the full review https://www.fionaoutdoors.co.uk/2018/10/review-gearhooks-for-sports-kit-storage.html