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How to Hang Golf Bags in a Garage – A Golf Bag Storage Guide


Golf bags and trollies stored on the wall in a garage

Golfers know all too well that storing golf bags incorrectly can result in mould and possibly rusty clubs!

Given you’re unlikely to have the luxury of a sprawling pro golf shop or personal locker room, stashing golf bags in your home or garage requires some thoughtfulness and planning.

Fortunately, hanging golf bags in your garage is simpler than you may think!

 As golf bag-hanging experts here at Gear Hooks, join us to discover how to create the perfect storage area for all your precious clubs!

Read on to learn how to hang golf bags like a pro so you can keep your game right where it needs to be. Super organized and ready for every round!

So before we dive right into the details, let’s get the takeaway first.

Clean the golf bag along with your golf clubs before hanging them in the garage. Install a wall rack specifically designed for stowing golf bags to save space, and keep them off the floor and away from dampness. Use specifically designed hooks to hang your golf bag, and clubs individually.

Golf bag storage wall hanging

For this exact purpose, GearHooks® Golf Club Storage Racks provide convenient, stylish and safe storage. Avoid putting bags on the garage floor to prevent damage.

Ok, so with the mini answer in place, so you can understand a little more easily how to hang golf bags in a garage, let’s start by looking at the first step.

Clean your golf bag before hanging it in your garage

With the number of U.K. golfers doubling in the last four years according to recent reports, it’s likely there’s a huge number of golfers who want to take care of their kit in the best way!

Before stashing your golf bag away, it’s important to start by giving it a little clean down.

clean golf gear before you store it

Photo by Silvan Schuppisser on Unsplash

Start by emptying the inside compartments and pockets and getting rid of any dirt or debris that has built up inside.

This can include anything from excess dirt and grass to broken tees or any other small bits of material taking up space.

Next, use a brush or soft cloth with mild detergent to clean the exterior. Avoid harsh chemicals as this could damage the materials of your golf bag.

Finally, if you're able to, it's always a good idea to take your bag cover off and wash it separately.

Dry your golf bag afterwards in a well-ventilated area so that it doesn't start moulding or growing mildew.

So it’s no point getting ready to hang your super clean golf bag on the wall if your clubs are covered in grass!

Clean your golf clubs

Clen golg gear before you store it in a garage

Photo by Marcos Ramírez on Unsplash

Golfing experts tell us you’ll need water that’s not too hot, a squirt of washing-up liquid, a small brush such as an old toothbrush, or a nylon brush and an old towel.

Clean each club with warm water and a towel (a microfiber one is a good choice) and scrub any dirt or grass stains off the head and shaft.

When cleaning for storage, it's important to make sure the clubs are completely dry before you put them away. Otherwise, they can become damaged by rust.

Use a towel to thoroughly wipe them down ...as well as a small brush to remove stubborn dirt from grooves.

Once each club is fully dry, use some alcohol-based wipes to get rid of any remaining dirt or dust.

Finally, apply a few drops of oil on the grips to keep the leather soft and supple.

After cleaning, store the clubs in a golf bag which is humidity-free and preferably airtight.

Doing this will help reduce the risk of rust and corrosion over time, allowing your clubs to remain in great shape even when they're not being used.

Ok so now your bag and clubs are looking pristine, you might be wondering whether it's ok to simply put your golf bag on the floor of your garage without hanging it! Read on to discover more.

Can I keep my golf bag on the floor of my garage?

can I store golf bags on the garage floor?

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Storing your golf clubs on the floor of your garage might seem like an easy solution, but it isn't always the best option, even if you have the space on the floor (which most people don't).

Keeping them down there can expose them to dirt, dust, and other debris that can affect their performance and integrity.

Not to mention the impact of moisture, which can put your clubs at risk for rusting and other damage.

Keep in mind too that not having a proper place to store them means they're likely to get bumped around above ground level, possibly resulting in dents or broken shafts.

It's best to find a secure place to store them off the ground where they won't be affected by any environmental factors like dampness or debris.

With good care and some precautionary measures, you can ensure that your golf clubs are ready for action when it's time to hit the links.

Should I hang my golf clubs individually or hang my golf bag?

hanging golf bags in a garage

So should you hang my golf clubs in a garage individually or together in a bag?

The answer depends on a few factors, such as the size of your garage, available hanging space and the number of golf clubs you have.

Hanging each club individually generally can take up more wall space but hanging a single bag is obviously usually easier to store and take down when you need to head off for a round!

Ultimately, having the flexibility to switch between individually hanging or storing your clubs in a bag can increase your flexibility.

It might be you have more than one of a particular club. So having a hanging rack means you can easily identify the one you prefer and quickly add it to your bag.

Whichever way, having storage for your irons and wood, plus a place to keep your bag off the floor means less chance of coming to a mouldy or dirty bag!

This way you can decide which method works best for you depending on your specific circumstances.

How do I hang a golf bag in my garage? 

If you're looking for a way to organize your golf clubs in the garage, one of the most efficient and space-saving options is to install a wall rack specifically designed for stowing golf bags.


How to store golf bags in the garage


Some of the best racks will offer a range of colours and designs and can hold up to 4 or 5 bags or a mixture of bags and trollies.

By adding two racks you can double your storage and also give a custom look to your golf equipment storage.

The best golf bag storage systems will comprise a steel rail that is simply fitted with 3 holes.

Follow our 4-step guide to hanging golf bags quickly and easily!

  1. Drill 3 x 8mm holes
  2. Hammer in 3 nylon fixings
  3. Fix with 3 hex bolts
  4. Add the hooks spaced out to suit your needs

With smart storage solutions your prized golf bags are organised, free from dusty garage floors and ready to roll when it's tee time!

Ok, so that’s your bag organised!! So what about if you would prefer to hang your clubs individually in your garage or if you’d like a combination?

How do I individually hang golf clubs in my garage?

So maybe you just want to see your golf clubs hanging up looking pristine and smart or even if it’s because you just want to dry them out before stashing them in your golf bag, hanging them up individually is an option.

how to hang up golf clubs

So you could try using a couple of pieces of wood, some screws, and some metal hooks.

Mark where you plan to hang each club on the wall, then screw their supports onto the wood board before attaching everything together.

The problem with this solution is that although it does the job, you can’t guarantee the weight of the clubs might cause them to fall off and cause damage to not only your clubs but potentially whatever is underneath them!

Another downside is that this kind of wood and hook arrangement is that it certainly won’t show off your prized clubs in their best light!

The best solution is to use a durable rack system designed for the job!

Some of the best golf club wall storage can hold up to ten of your previous clubs while also giving them a stylish look.

How to hang golf bags in a garage - to end on…

Looking for a better way to store your golfing equipment in your garage? With GearHooks®, you can consolidate all of your expensive clubs and bags into one convenient space, saving you time and money.

Our storage racks are designed with bag and club safety in mind, so there’s no more rust on your clubs or mould on your golf bags!

Plus they take up only 1M of wall space so there's still plenty of room for other important garage storage when you're done tucking away those drivers.

And at around £10 per bag, get ready for an improved tee-time experience and check out our store for all your golfing storage needs.

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