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How to Store Water Sports Equipment in Your Garage - A Guide

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If you’re an avid water sports enthusiast living in the UK, then chances are your garage is a hub of activity for keeping all your watersports equipment safe and secure. 

From kayaks to canoes, from wetsuits to diving fins - it can be tricky knowing what should go where and how best to ensure everything is protected. 

That's why our storage experts here at GearHooks have put together this handy guide on how to store your watersports equipment in a garage. 

In this post, we’ll give you tips on everything from making sure all your items fit neatly into place with minimal storage requirements, to choosing materials that protect against moisture damage. 

With our advice, you'll be able to enjoy peace of mind when storing your gear safely after a day out on the waves!

Ok so before we get started on some detail, let’s hit the mini brief. 

Declutter to maximise space. Use customisable wall-mounted racks to store kayaks, paddleboards, and other equipment. Label everything to find what you need quickly. Clean and dry all equipment thoroughly before storing it. 

So with the takeaway in place, let’s start with one of the most obvious places to start when storing water sports equipment in your garage. Decluttering! 

Declutter your garage

The first step to an organised garage is decluttering. 

The first step in decluttering your garage is to take everything out and start again.

Once the garage is empty, give it a thorough clean and sweep. This way, you can start organising with a blank canvas.

Begin by removing everything from your garage and sorting it into piles of keep, donate and discard. 

If you haven't used an item in a while or it's broken, it's probably time to get rid of it. 

Investing in good storage solutions is essential when it comes to organising your water sports equipment. 

Wall-mounted racks are great for storing kayaks, paddleboards, and even diving gear! 

How to Store Water Sports Equipment in Your Garage

Just make sure everything is labelled, so you can find what you need quickly when it comes to your accessories. 

Clearing the garage space for proper storage of your water sports gear will help keep your equipment organised and in great condition.

Clean and dry your gear

So before you begin stashing your water sports gear neatly in your garage, make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned. 

Most importantly, all your equipment should be free of dirt, sand, and salt before you put them away. 

This not only keeps them fresh for the next use but also prevents rust and corrosion from forming. 

  • For surfboards or paddleboards, you can use mild soap and water to clean them. 
  • For wetsuits, soak them in a special wetsuit cleaner and then rinse them with fresh water. 
  • For fins or other smaller accessories, you can use a soft-bristled brush to scrub them down.

Dry Your Equipment

After you've cleaned your equipment, make sure it's completely dry before you pack it away. 

Moisture left on the equipment can cause mould and mildew to grow, which can damage your gear. 

Hang your wetsuits and other watersports equipment to dry in a well-ventilated area for at least 24 hours before storing them.


Don't forget to perform any necessary maintenance on your equipment before storing it away. 

This includes checking for any scratches, dings, or dents that can be repaired and ensuring that all screws and bolts are tightened. 

Doing this before the off-season gives you more time to make any repairs or order any necessary parts for the following summer.

Store your equipment properly

Once you’ve created some valuable storage space in your garage and made sure you’ve given your gear a good clean, then it’s time to store it. 

If you’ve got a lot of watersports gear or even if you are just starting out, think about storing your equipment in a bag and on a customisable rack, as this will help to protect it from any potential damage. 

Use wall racks

Maximising the space on your garage walls is the best way to store your water sports equipment efficiently. 

You can keep your boards, kayaks and other bulky items off the floor by using wall racks to hang them. 

This not only frees up floor space but also makes your garage look organised and tidy.

“Maximising space on your garage walls is the best way to store your water sports equipment efficiently.”

Customisable storage rack for watersports 

Our wall-mounted storage rack is the perfect solution to keep all your equipment safe, dry, and tidy. 

No matter what kind of water sport you're into, kayaking, diving or even catching some surf, this rack can hold almost every bit of your kit. 

How to Store Water Sports Equipment in Your Garage

By keeping your gear off the floor, it will dry properly and stay protected from black mould and away from any vermin who might be taking their chances!  

Plus, it's way easier to find on play day and put away when it's neatly stored on the rack! 

The 1-metre-long rail is easy to install on any wood, brick, or block wall with just three holes. It's also available in eight different colours if you feel like a little coordination! 

Move the hooks around to create the perfect customised storage solution for your gear. 

With our rail system, you'll receive either 3 or 5 hooks depending on the model you buy with each easily attachable with just an Allen key. 

The Watersports Rack and the Diving Equipment Rack both have exactly the right mixture of hooks to cater for all your gear.

How to Store Water Sports Equipment in Your Garage - diving gear

Each hook is designed to hold up to 8 different items of equipment.  The list of water sports equipment you can store is endless! but could include: 

  • Inflatable paddle boards, water skis
  • Wet bags
  • Wetsuits 
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Helmets helmets
  • Ropes 
  • Paddles 
  • Diving gear 
  • Snorkels 
  • Gloves and torches. 

Our versatile system can accommodate almost anything you can think of, making it the perfect solution for keeping your gear organized and accessible.

How to store water sports equipment in your garage – To End on 

With these simple steps and tricks, you can turn your once-cluttered garage into a sleek and organized storage space. 

Store items like paddles, life vests, and larger equipment in customisable racks to keep them off the floor and in perfect condition! 

Remember to always clean and dry sports equipment before storing them, as well as perform any necessary maintenance so the items are ready for use and fun on the water! 

If you need more ideas or advice on how to store things in general, check out our weekly blogs for more storage hacks, tips and hints. Or if you’re ready to get organized, then check out our specialist storage rack system.

You can be sure that with a clear organization plan for your space, you'll be taking your water sports game to the next level!

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