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Diving Gear Storage Rack
Diving Gear Storage Rack
Diving Gear Storage Rack
Diving Gear Storage Rack
Diving Gear Storage Rack
Diving Gear Storage Rack
Diving Gear Storage Rack

Diving Gear Storage Rack

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Organise all your diving equipment so it's easy to find and quick to put away 

The GearHooks® Diving Gear Rack is designed to make it easy to store all your diving gear in one place, so its easy to put away, easy to find and where it will dry properly.

It will hold any mixture of gear including:

  • wetsuits
  • dry suits
  • rash vests
  • stab jackets/BCDs
  • gloves and boots
  • weights belts
  • regulator and octopus
  • masks, snorkels and fins
  • dive computers, gauges, flashlights, knives
  • backpacks, dry bags and kit bags

Everything can easily be hung up on the diving gear rack after a dive which allows it to dry out properly. It also keeps everything organised and in one place so it's easy to find for the next dive.

If diving gear is left in pile it will stay damp, get covered in black mould, begin to smell and eventually rot. If it's on the floor, mice and other vermin will chew through soft items like wet suits and buoyancy aids. 

The rack comprises a 1 metre long rail  that fits to any wood, brick or block wall (with just 3 holes) in a garage, shed or commercial premises. It is galvanised and powder coated in a choice of 8 colours.

You also get 3 or 5 hooks (depending on the model you order) which fit to the rail with just an Allen key. The hooks are designed to take as many as 8 different bits of kit on each hook.

Each hook could, for instance hold:

  • 6-8 wet suits, dry suits and/or rash vests (on hangers)
  • 4-6 buoyancy aids or life jackets (on hangers)
  • 2-3 stab jackets and regulators
  • 1 or 2 weight belts
  • lots of snorkels, masks and flippers
  • bits and bobs like gloves, boots, torches etc.
  • 3 or 4 wet bags, rucksacks or most things in a bag

If you are into other watersports you could also hang:

  • 1 or 2 inflatable paddle boards, canoes or dinghies 
  • 1 or 2 water skis, knee boards, wakeboards and kite surfboards
  • several paddles and oars
  • 3-6 helmets
  • ropes, sheets and harnesses
  • and almost anything else you can think of

You can move the hooks around on the rail to create space for whatever you need to store and can add or remove hooks whenever you want. This enables you to create a completely customised watersports storage rack just for you! 

Diving Gear Storage Rack


The Diving Equipment Rack DER3 has 3 x 300mm long double prong GearHooks with varying gaps between prongs to hold different types of equipment.  These include:

1 x 12mm gap ideal for items hung over both prongs like wetsuits, dry suits, stab jackets/BCRs, buoyancy aids, lifejackets, vests on hangers, masks and fins,  or heavy gear like an inflatable paddleboard or kayak.

1 x 25mm gap ideal for items that will fit between the prongs like more of the above, dive computers, gauges, flashlights, knives or paddles, water skis, wakeboards, snorkles etc. 

1 x 45mm gap ideal for items that will fit over both prongs, between them or over one prong, like more of the above or gloves and boots

The Diving Equipment Rack DER5  has 2 x 12mm, 2 x 25mm and 1 x 45mm of the above GearHooks®. 

If any of the standard racks isn't quite right we will happily swap hooks or you can buy extra GearHooks which are listed elsewhere in this section.

Diving Gear Storage Rack - extra hooks


The GearHooks® DER3 or DER5 Watersports Rack includes;

  • 1 x 1 Metre long cold rolled steel rail  which is galvanised and powder coated
  • Your choice of 8 different colours 
  • 2 x black plastic end caps
  • 3 x hex head wall bolts (Allen Key) for wood or plasterboard battens
  • 3 x expanding nylon fixings for brick, block, stone or concrete
  • plus 3 or 5 cold formed steel double prong equipment hooks including:
  • - 1 or 2 300mm long x 12mm gap
  • - 1 or 2 300mm long x 25mm gap
  • - 1 300mm long x 45mm gap
  • all with bright zinc plating to prevent corrosion
  • 6/10  plastic end caps 
  • 3/5 x CNC machined clamps in Engineering Polymer that is stronger than aluminium
  • 3/5 x M8 sliding nuts to position and adjust the hooks anywhere on the rail
  • 3/5 x M8 hex head bolts (Allen Key) to attach the hooks to the sliding nuts and rail
  • Full fitting and use instructions
  • No quibble Lifetime guarantee

    Using these hooks you can create a Diving Equipment Rack or a :

    • watersports storage rack
    • sailing equipment storage rack
    • kayaking equipment storage rack

    For more information about GearHooks® take a look at our FAQs.

    Fitting Advice/Documentation/Fitting Instructions

    To see a PDF of how to fit the rail to the wall click here

    For more information about GearHooks® take a look at our FAQs at the bottom of this page.

    SALE PRICES - all complete racks include a reduction of AT LEAST 20% compared to the cost of buying individual hooks and rails. This discount is applied automatically and the list price and discounted prices are shown on the product pages. Additional discounts (such as free shipping) require a code to activate them.

    Please note we do not include clothes hangers with the rack.

    Some photographs may show extra items, optional hooks and colours which may not be included with your particular product choice. We try to accurately describe each product but cannot photograph all variants. Please check descriptions, and your choices when ordering, carefully. 

    GearHooks® - Make Space - Save Time - Do more!

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    Beth (Twickenham)
    Tidy Solution

    I bought two watersports equipment racks for life jackets and waterproof clothing at work. The hooks make the gear dry out quicker and everything easier to access. Much better than the shelving and narrow lockers we used before. I am a repeat customer because these storage racks are so handy and so well made :) 👍

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