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*** VAT free WORLDWIDE shipping *** SALE NOW ON *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK DELIVERY over £100.00 with code FREEDEL100
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Garage bike storage for 5 bikes
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - Illustration of 3 x 1M rails fitted in a line. Wall mounting bike storage racks for road bikes, mountain bikes. Rear wheels on the floor.
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - Illustration of 3 x 1M rails fitted in a line. Wall mounting bike storage racks for road bikes mounted off the floor giving a clear floor for easy cleaning.
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - storage hook for a maintenance work stand mounted between the bikes on a GearRail.
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - tool storage hook mounted between the bikes on a GearRail.
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - 300mm long storage hook for workstand, pump, and tools mounted between the bikes on a GearRail.
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - GearRail colour choices showing red, orange, blue, green, yellow, grey, white, black
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - fitting
Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - flag

Garage bike storage for 5 bikes

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The best garage bike storage you can buy - or your money back - and it's designed and manufactured in the UK

Garage bike storage suddenly got easier. Getting all your bikes off the floor and onto the walls is the key to saving space in your garage. This garage bike storage solution will not only save space, it will stop your bikes being piled up on the floor, or leant against each other, where they will get scratched and damaged. 

It will take any kind of bike from road bike to ebike. It will work with any size frame, wheel or tyre (up to 3"). Once you've fitted the rail, with just 3 heavy duty bolts, you can move or add hooks with just an Allen key.

You don't need to struggle to lift heavy bikes onto the hooks. Just roll the bike up on it's back wheel and hook the front wheel.

You can even lock the bike to the rail with your own cable lock using the loop on top of the bike hook.

Main Features

  • Garage bike storage for 5 bikes 
  • 1 metre long rail + 5 bike hooks
  • Any bike type - road, MTB, BMX, Downhill, electric (even tandems and recumbents). A mix of bike types (see capacity notes below)
  • Any frame size - Child or adult bike. Any mix of frame sizes
  • Any wheel size - 20" to 29"
  • Any tyre size - up to 3”. Any mix of wheel types and size
  • Heavy duty steel rail and hooks.
  • Bike hooks mount anywhere on the 1 metre long rail
  • add, move or adjusted hooks with just an Allen key
  • No need to lift heavy bikes. Just roll them up on the back wheel
  • Lighter bikes can be mounted high on the wall to keep the floor clear
  • Up to 200kg max weight for NoLift or 75 kg max for ClearFloor
  • Integral cable lock anchor
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Lifetime warranty


The GearHooks® BR5 is a space saving indoor garage bike storage system for 5 road bikes or a 3+2 mixture of road bikes, mountain bikes, ebikes or downhill bikes with any size wheels and tyres up to 3”. 

garage bike storage for 5 bikes

It’s super-strong and tough enough for a garage or shed and also looks fantastic in a living space or office.

Fits with just 3 holes

Once you have fixed the GearRail™ to the wall, with just 3 heavy duty fixings, you’ll never need to drill another hole. You can fit, move and adjust the bike hooks and accessory hooks with just an Allen key. Once they are locked in place the hooks cannot drop off or move about so it’s just like a fully welded rack.

garage bike storage fitting sequence

To help you choose the right capacity bike rack:

This product is designed for 5 road bikes or a 3+2 mixture of road and mountain bikes.

It includes a 1 metre long rail and 5 bike hooks plus all the fittings you need for most wall types.

The number of bikes that can easily be stored on a 1 metre long rail depends on the types of bikes and handlebar width. 5 road bikes are easier to store than 5 mountain bikes.

To make the bikes easy to get out and put away, we would recommend a maximum of 3+2 mountain/downhill bikes + road bikes per rail. 

We also manufacture wall mounting racks for 3 mountain or road bikes (BR3) or a mixture or 2+2 bikes (BR4) in this range. They all have a 1M long rail with 3,4 or 5 bike hooks.

If you have a lot of bikes, two or more rails can be mounted side by side or offset, one above the other.

garage bike storage for several bikes in a row

In-built Security as standard

If you want to be able to secure your bikes on the rack you can use the loop on the top of the bike hooks and your own cable lock

Just feed a cable lock (not supplied) through the loop and the front wheel. For added security use a longer cable and feed it through the frame. For even more security you can drill out the hex head on the fixing screw to make it almost impossible to remove the hook. If the hooks are fitted over the rail fixings, a thief can’t even unscrew the rail. All of this will prevent opportunist theft and is a huge deterrent to even the most determined thief.

Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - security

Store everything in one place

There's also space for all your other biking gear like helmets, bags, track pumps, work stands, spare parts and tools in between the bikes to really maximise the use of wall space. Extra GearHooks® are available for this.

Garage bike storage for 5 bikes - accessories


You don’t even have to lift heavy bikes

Simply pull on the back brake, take a couple of steps backwards (the bike will rise onto its back wheel) and roll it forwards until you can hook the front wheel. If you are able to lift the bikes, you can mount the rail higher on the wall to keep the floor clear for easy cleaning.

Garage bike storage for 5 bikes no lift

The GearHooks® BR5 includes a 1M rail in your colour choice, 5 bike hooks with rubber sleeves, CNC clamps, heavy duty fixings fittings, full instructions and lifetime warranty.


The GearHooks® BR5 wall mounted garage bike rack includes;

  • 1 x 1 metre long cold rolled steel rail galvanised and powder coated
  • Your choice of 8 different colours 
  • 2 x black plastic end caps
  • 3 x hex head wall bolts (Allen Key) for wood or plasterboard battens
  • 3 x expanding nylon fixings for brick, block, stone or concrete
  • plus
  • 5 x cold formed steel hooks with bright zinc plating to prevent corrosion
  • 5 x soft rubber sleeves to hold and protect your bike wheels
  • 5 x CNC machined clamps in black engineering polymer that is stronger than aluminium
  • 5 x M8 sliding nuts to position and adjust the hooks anywhere on the rail
  • 5 M8 hex head bolts (Allen Key)
  • Full fitting and use instructions
  • No quibble Lifetime guarantee

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      Fitting Advice/Documentation/Fitting Instructions

      To see a PDF of our fitting advice for bikes click here

      To see a PDF of how to fit the rail to the wall click here

      For more information about GearHooks® take a look at our FAQs at the bottom of this page.

      SALE PRICES - all complete racks include a reduction of AT LEAST 20% compared to the cost of buying individual hooks and rails. This discount is applied automatically and the list price and discounted prices are shown on the product pages. Additional discounts (such as free shipping) require a code to activate them.

      Some photographs may show extra items, optional hooks and colours which may not be included with your particular product choice. We try to accurately describe each product but cannot photograph all variants. Please check descriptions, and your choices when ordering, carefully. 

      GearHooks® - Make Space - Save Time - Do more!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 238 reviews
      Nicholas H.
      Easy + Sexy!

      Overall excellent system, easy to install and flexible / durable. Super nice founder and group too 🫡

      Steve M. (Catterick)
      Glad I picked this design

      You can just buy a plastic covered hook and hang your bikes up. I thought about it. Cheap, good enough. Why not?
      So glad I decided to spend a little more to let me be glad every time I use this better designed option.
      It was easy to install. You can adjust positions up, down, left and right. It just works. Wholeheartedly recommended.

      Loz (Chippenham)

      Got the 5 bike storage rack. Very easy to put up in my garage with clear instructions (DIY not my strength!). Really sturdy, have put 4 bikes on it and slot in fairly easily considering how compact it is. Definitely recommend!

      Sarah J. (Manchester)

      Exactly what we needed! Feels quality, easy to fit and looks the business. Highly recommend this product and fully intend to install more on the remaining walls for more bike bits.

      Martin H. (Tadley)

      Exactly as described- excellent quality and easy to put up.

      Matt D. (City of Westminster)
      Great product

      I went for these hooks because of the flexibility for both moving the hooks around on the rail and moving the rail itself, compared to buying individual hooks where each hook might require 3 or 4 holes in a brick wall. Installation of the rail was pretty easy (3 drills in a line so can line up with the mortar easily!) and then it's only a 1 minute job to install the hooks. I was a bit worried about whether there would be space for 5 bikes on the 1m rail but there is enough, especially with 2 kids bikes. I just put the most used on the outside and you can angle the outside ones out to make more space. The rail still feels solid even with all the bikes off the floor. Very happy with these.

      Keith T. (Stanley)

      We’ve moved house so fitted new garage with my second batch of gear hooks. A super product that does exactly as it ‘says on the tin’.

      Wayne M. (Bognor Regis)
      Nearly perfect, but not quite

      Instructions are excellent and the kit is quality. I have 3 bikes hanging on a 4 hook set-up. However, the e-mtbs with 2.35 - 2.50 tyres will struggle to hang on the hook without near 100% deflation. That said, for road bikes, gravel bikes and stuff with 38-50 tyres should be fine.

      I will be buying another one for other kit to hang on there such as bike stands, golf clubs. It’s a great system with the versatility of different hangers. I would highly recommend.

      Hello Wayne,
      Thanks for your review.
      The bike hooks will take 2.5' wheels (I have a downhill bike and an ebike hanging on them) but they will sit in the hook differently. With a narrow tyre the rim will touch the black rubber sleeve. With wider tyres, only the tyre will touch, but the bike will still be securely held.

      It is possible to open up the hook slightly if you want the wheel to sit deeper in the hook. You can do that in a vice (remove the sleeve first) or I can send you some. Just let me know.
      Thanks again,

      Matteo P. (Milan)
      strong and stylish

      I love my gearhook bike holder. It's versatile, i can hang pump, chains, tripod!
      Strongly suggested

      Dan H. (Berkhamsted)
      Excellent bit of kit

      I bought this for my new garage and it's a great bit of kit. Lots of pictures and info on the website to help me make my decision, and it was sent quickly after ordering.

      The rail and hooks comes with clear and comprehensive instructions, and good quality fixings. It's a high quality product, with a simple but quality look and finish. It's helped me store my bikes and gear in a space efficient way, at a fraction of the cost of some alternatives.

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