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Can You Hang a Lawn Mower in the Garage?

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Lawnmowers can be so annoying when you keep them in the garage, they tend to be fairly low and flat machines and take up far too much room. Plus all the room above them is just lost. And what about those handles that stick out and need to be avoided? So, can you hang a lawn mower in the garage?

As manufacturers of robust garage hooks systems, that's the question we're answering today. We'll review each type of Lawnmower listed below, whether you can hang it, and if so, then how to hang it correctly. Here's the list...

  • Cylinder mowers
  • Push mowers
  • Hover mowers
  • Rotary mowers
  • Robotic mowers
  • Self-propelled mowers
  • Ride on mowers
  • Can you hang a lawn mower in the garage?

    You can hang lawn mowers in the garage using wall mounted hooks or on purpose made garden tool racks (if they are strong enough).

    Just bear in mind that any petrol lawn mower is likely to leak fuel if you hang it up rather than leaving it flat on the floor. Nearly all mains electric or battery powered lawn mowers, which are much lighter than petrol mowers, can be hung on the wall safely. This saves space and frees up the floor for heavier items like ride on mowers or even a car!

    Let's start with cylinder mowers. We'll describe each one, the pros and cons of hanging them in your garage and tips that will help.

    Cylinder mower

    These are among the oldest types of mowers, they have a large and heavy rotating cylinder of blades at the front that cuts grass as the mower moves across it. They usually have handles that fold down and can be hung from hooks on the garage wall.

    Pros: easy to store, small footprint

    Cons: may not fit all garages as some may be larger, heavier, and sit quite far off the wall.

    These can be heavy. So when looking at hanging a cylinder mower from the wall, ensure that the wall and hooks are strong enough to support the weight of the mower and any additional accessories.

    Also, hang with the heavy blade end pointing downward and low to the floor where possible.

    Push Mower

    Push mowers are also called "reel mowers". These are generally lightweight compared to other mowers and do not require an engine for power, as they’re often pushed manually.

    However, some modern push mowers do have engines. Arguably this then makes it a cylinder mower. 

    But either way, the engine may be electric, or petrol powered, in which case it could contain fuel which is something you'll need to keep in mind.

    These mowers can also be hung from hooks on the wall, although care should be taken with any petrol-powered models.

    Pros: lightweight and easy to handle, good for tight spaces

    Cons: some petrol powered models may contain fuel

    Install a push mower in your garage with a hook that is rated for the weight of the mower. It should also be mounted into something solid such as a stud or concrete block, not just a plaster wall.


    Hover mowers are powered by electric motors and fly above the grass, which makes them great for uneven surfaces, and is popular in most homes with an average-sized garden.

    The small and medium-sized hover mowers can be hung from wall or roof hooks in your garage, but they are best stored with blades facing the wall for added safety.

    Pros: Easy to use, great for uneven surfaces and tight spaces

    Cons: Can be dislodged or knocked off the wall if not secured well enough

    Hanging a hover mower is easy to do with a suitable wall hook. Simply install the hook into something solid like a stud or concrete block and hang the mower.

    Hang with blades facing toward the wall for added safety – and give it a clean before hanging up to avoid wall stains.

    Rotary Mower

    These mowers are powered by either electric or petrol motors. They use a spinning blade to cut the grass. They can be stored upright in your garage, but you could also consider hanging them from hooks on the wall for added security and to free up space.

    Pros: Great for large areas of lawn, easy to maneuver

    Cons: Can sit quite high up, so may not be suitable for tight spaces around cars or in narrow spaces

    To safely hang a rotary mower, you should use a heavy-duty wall hook or better still, a hook system. Make sure the bracket is firmly attached to a sturdy joist in your garage and that it can support the weight of the mower.

    Where necessary, add additional supports like some straps to ensure a secure fit.

    lawn mower hanging in a garage

    Robotic Mowers

    Robotic mowers can be programmed to run on a schedule and automatically cut your grass without human assistance.

    These are usually compatible with apps for controlling settings remotely. Robotic mowers can also be hung from wall hooks in your garage, but they must always be stored upright to keep their

    Robotic lawnmowers are self-propelled and use sensors to avoid obstacles. They can be hung from wall or roof hooks as long as you take care not to damage any wiring or other components. Be sure to secure the mower using appropriate hardware designed for its weight and size.

    Pros: Easy maintenance, no need to store on the floor of the garage

    Cons: Can be expensive so make sure you're garage is secure

    If you're considering hanging your lawn mower in the garage then make sure it's securely attached with appropriate hardware to prevent accidents and ensure it's stored safely. Dropping a robotic mower from a height could damage it irreparably.

    Self-propelled mowers

    You could look at this as "a rotary mower on steroids"!

    These are powered by an engine much like rotary or cylinder mowers. The motor drives its wheels forward as you guide it across your lawn. They usually have a handlebar and bagging system for collecting grass clippings.

    For this reason, they can tend to be heavier than the other types.

    Pros: Easy enough to store, often handles fold down

    Cons: Laying flat is recommended due to possible fuel leaks. They can also be large and heavy.

    Self-propelled mowers can be hung from hooks in the garage wall, but they can also be laid flat on the ground if you have enough space.

    They could be electric, but they may be petrol driven. So because they might contain fuel, then hanging them is not necessarily the best option due to potential fuel leaks.

    Keep in mind that even when the mower is turned off, fuel can still leak or evaporate. So it's best to keep them as far away from any sparks or flames as possible.

    Ride-on Mower

    This type of lawnmower is powered by a petrol engine. It has a seat that you drive while cutting the grass. We've added it to the list just so we can say it's REALLY not a good idea to try and hang them.

    Pros: Easy to use and more efficient for larger properties

    Cons: Takes up more room in the garage, and they're generally expensive

    As we said, due to the sheer size of these mowers, it's not recommended to hang these from the wall. They can be quite heavy, so simply store them on the floor of your garage instead. 

    Can you hang a lawn mower in the garage? - Hints and Tips

    Here's our quick list of hints and tips to consider when hanging a lawn mower in your garage.

    1. Ensure you have enough wall space: If you decide to hang your mower from a wall-mounted hook, ensure you have sufficient space on the wall to do so safely. And that the wall is sufficiently strong to hold the item without collapsing.
    1. Use appropriate hooks for weight and size: Make sure the hooks you're using are rated for the weight of your mower - heavier mowers will require stronger and sturdier hooks. Also, check the size of the hooks to ensure your mower will fit.
    1. Hang in an easily accessible area: Make sure that when you hang your mower, you do so in an area of your garage which is easily accessible; this means hanging it at a height that you can reach, and in an area where you won't be tripping over it while trying to access other items.
    1. Additional tips for hanging your lawnmower: It is important to take care when handling and hanging a heavy machine such as a lawnmower. Make sure that you follow all safety precautions while doing so, including wearing safety glasses and gloves during installation.

    Now you know that you can you hang a lawn mower in a garage what else can you hand alongside it?

    Once you've hung up your mower you are going to want to get all the other clutter off the floor and onto the walls. This will save even more space in the garage.

    We manufacture a dedicated garden tool rack that will store all your other gardening tools like spades, shovels, rakes and even hedge trimmers and chain saws.


    garden tool rack on a wall


    We hope this has answered the question; can you hang a lawn mower in the garage?

    Gearhooks is here to provide the right hardware for hanging all types of lawnmowers. Shop our large selection of special-purpose hooks, specially designed for supporting heavy-duty items like lawnmowers. We even provide an installation guide!

    With Gearhooks, you won't need to worry about having a cluttered garage anymore. Your lawn mower will be securely hung up and out of the way, freeing up valuable space for other items.

    So check out our collection today and find everything you need to hang your lawn mower in your garage!

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