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Funding for Community Music Groups

GearHooks - funding and support for community music groups

GearHooks are a small design and manufacturing company based in North Wales. We produce wall mounted storage racks for a large number of musical instruments, especially guitars and ukuleles. These are especially useful in schools, colleges and community music groups.

Funding for Community Music Groups

We want to help these organisations, in a small way, and have recently launched scheme to provide these storage racks for free to selected organisation(s).

These can include music education charities, community centres, youth groups as well as schools and colleges that offer music education to disadvantaged children or to the local community.

We have tried to make this as easy as possible for you to apply for;

Simply ask all the members of your group, along with anyone else who supports your group (like friends, parents or carers) to send a short email to Awards@gearhooks.com and include:

  • the name of your organisation or group
  • why you think your group deserves to win one or more of our guitar or ukulele wall storage racks.

Twice a year, in December and July, we will assess these responses. The organisation with the best reasons and most responses will be chosen by us as the winners. 

If you want to see our guitar and ukulele storage racks just click here.

Good luck and remember that we give away these racks twice a year so its always worth applying more than once.

Funding for Community Music Groups

Further Reading

Other UK organisations that support or provide funding for community music projects include:

  1. Youth Music:

    • Description: Youth Music is a national charity that supports young people in making music, especially those facing challenging circumstances.
    • Website*: Youth Music
  2. Arts Council England:

    • Description: Arts Council England offers various grants and funding opportunities for artists, including those involved in community music projects.
    • Website*: Arts Council England
  3. PRS Foundation:

    • Description: PRS Foundation is the UK's leading funder of new music and talent development, providing grants to support innovative music projects.
    • Website*: PRS Foundation
  4. Community Foundation Network:

    • Description: The Community Foundation Network connects local philanthropists with community music initiatives through various regional foundations.
    • Website*: Community Foundation Network
  5. Big Lottery Fund:

    • Description: The Big Lottery Fund provides funding for community-based projects, including those involving music, to improve the lives of people in the UK.
    • Website*: Big Lottery Fund
  6. The National Foundation for Youth Music:

  7. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation:

    • Description: The Paul Hamlyn Foundation supports organizations that aim to improve the lives of communities, including those involved in music projects.
    • Website*: The Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  8. The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation:

    • Description: This foundation supports a wide range of projects, including those related to music and the arts, that aim to bring about lasting change.
    • Website*: The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
  9. Awards for All (National Lottery Community Fund):

    • Description: Awards for All is a grants program that helps small organizations and communities fund projects, including community music initiatives.
    • Website*: Awards for All
  10. The Jerwood Arts:

    • Description: Jerwood Arts supports emerging talent in the arts, including music, and offers various programs and funding opportunities.
    • Website*: The Jerwood Arts
  11. The John Lyon's Charity:

    • Description: This charity provides grants to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK, including support for music programs.
    • Website*: The John Lyon's Charity
  12. The Foyle Foundation:

    • Description: The Foyle Foundation supports various charitable organizations, including those involved in music and arts education.
    • Website*: The Foyle Foundation

There are also several charities and organizations that support community music projects and individual musicians in the UK. These include:

  1. Music for All:

    • Description: Music for All is a charity that aims to bring more music into people's lives. They provide grants to community projects, schools, and individuals for music-making activities.
    • Website: Music for All
  2. Help Musicians UK:

    • Description: Help Musicians UK offers a wide range of support, including grants, health and welfare services, and career development opportunities for musicians.
    • Website: Help Musicians UK
  3. The Music Producers Guild (MPG) Benevolent Fund:

    • Description: The MPG Benevolent Fund provides financial assistance and support to musicians and producers in times of need.
    • Website: MPG Benevolent Fund
  4. The Royal Society of Musicians:

    • Description: The Royal Society of Musicians offers support to musicians in need. They provide financial assistance and other forms of help.
    • Website: The Royal Society of Musicians
  5. Music Support:

    • Description: Music Support is a charity that provides help and support for those in the music industry facing addiction, mental health, and other challenges.
    • Website: Music Support
  6. The Musicians' Union (MU):

    • Description: The MU offers support and resources for musicians, including advice on contracts, copyright, and financial assistance.
    • Website: Musicians' Union (MU)
  7. The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA):

    • Description: BASCA provides support for composers and songwriters, including guidance on music rights, advocacy, and networking opportunities.
    • Website: BASCA
  8. Music Venue Trust:

    • Description: Music Venue Trust supports grassroots music venues across the UK. While it primarily focuses on venues, it indirectly benefits musicians by preserving performance spaces.
    • Website: Music Venue Trust
  9. The Brit Trust:

    • Description: The Brit Trust is involved in supporting music education and charitable projects related to music in the UK.
    • Website: The Brit Trust
  10. Drake Calleja Trust:

    • Description: The Drake Calleja Trust provides support to young musicians in the UK through financial assistance and mentoring.
    • Website: Drake Calleja Trust

These charities and organizations provide a range of support, from funding and grants to health and welfare services, for both community music projects and individual musicians. Be sure to visit their websites for more information on the specific services they offer and how to access their support.

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