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How to Organise a Storage Room Efficiently for Best Results

organising small spaces

You've maybe organised your storage space so many times, and still, it seems to get disorganised.

Often this is because you add new items to it, and don't put items back in their allocated space.

It's time to change that by adopting a storage system that works. So here's how to organise a storage room within your home environment.

We are manufacturers of popular wall storage systems. So we understand how to organise a storage room in all manner of spaces. So let's dive in with our expert advice!

Here's a quick summary to get us started. Then, we'll get into more detail on each point.

  • Start by purging any unwanted items and donating them or discarding them.
  • Invest in shelves, hooks, bins, and other organisational tools that fit your storage needs.
  • Hooks can be used to hang items on the wall – and bulky items can be hung from ceilings, which make use of vertical and upper spaces.
  • You can also choose boxes with lids to store small items neatly away from sight.
  • Label containers so you know what is in each one; this will keep everything organised and make it easier to find what you need quickly!
  • Use floor space wisely too – large plastic totes or tubs can be used to store bulkier items such as sports equipment or winter coats.

    How to organise a storage room – Walls

    The most efficient way to organise your storage room is to make use of wall space. This will help you maximise the available floor area, allowing for more items and increasing tidiness.


    How to Organise a Storage Room Efficiently for Best Results

    Wall storage system by GearHooks

    Consider using shelves, hooks or baskets fitted on walls or attached to doors. You can also hang wardrobe organisers above hangers for extra storage.

    A specialist storage hook system is a great way to store items such as tools, bikes or even guitars in an organised and accessible way. It's easy to install and takes up a lot less space than other systems.

    Wall space is often the forgotten area that you can use to store items. Shelves and cupboards are a great way to add extra storage space without taking up too much room.

    Floor storage solutions

    In addition to wall storage, it's also possible to incorporate floor storage solutions into your storage room. This can be useful for bulky items that don't fit onto walls or hooks.

    Storage boxes https://www.cherry-lane.co.uk/products/storage_2/#

    Consider using plastic boxes with lids that you can stack on top of each other. Alternatively, you could use larger drawers and cabinets which provide plenty of space without taking up too much floor area.

    If you have the budget, investing in adjustable shelving units is another great solution which allows you to customise the storage space to your specific needs.

    Shelving units can be used for items that don't need to be accessed frequently, such as seasonal decorations or documents that you want to keep in an organised way.

    Overall, make sure you take into consideration how much space you have available and what type of items are needing storing when deciding on the best way to organise a storage room.

    How to organise a storage room – Floors

    If you don’t have enough wall space then floor storage may be a viable option, depending on what items you need to store. We've shown a picture of industrial floor racking, just to give you an idea, but there are lots of floor standing shelving and racking for garages and the home too.

    How to Organise a Storage Room Efficiently for Best Results

    Photo by Krisana Nakajo on Unsplash

    Using boxes and containers can help with keeping items organised while saving floor space at the same time. If budget allows, investing in modular furniture systems that have wheeled drawers could be ideal too!

    In addition, if you are storing heavier items then you may need to consider how to make sure that the floor is strong enough to take the extra weight.

    How to organise a storage room – Small spaces

    We've written an entire article on storage in small spaces, but let's give a quick roundup here as it's often the smaller spaces in our home that we need to utilise most.

    Much the same as larger storage spaces, making the most of available wall space can help maximise storage potential in a small room.

    Ukulele wall storage

    Using shelves and hooks can help store items such as tools, bikes, boxes and other lightweight items. If necessary, invest in stronger wall fixtures that can bear more weight than average shelving systems.

    You could also consider adding additional brackets and pegs for specific items such as coats or bags.

    For example, if you have an excessive number of coats then having coat stands or individual hangers on a single bracket will save a lot of space while keeping everything easily accessible.

    For heavier items, freestanding shelves and cupboards can be a great way to store larger items such as furniture or large boxes. Utilising the full depth of the room can also provide plenty of floor storage space for other items that are not suitable for wall-hanging.

    In addition, having customised drawers on castors will help keep all your smaller objects within easy reach in one place without taking up too much space.

    How to organise a storage room – Tall and long items

    For longer items such as brooms, or mops, or even garden items like rakes and hoes, wall-mounted hooks and racks can be a great way to keep them away from the ground.


    How to Organise a Storage Room Efficiently for Best Results - garden tool storage


    Garden tool storage rack

    Additionally, installing vertical bike stands in the corner of your storage room is also a great way to store large items like bikes or ladders. You can also buy dedicated bike storage hooks to go alongside the rest of your stored items.

    Also, don't forget to utilise your ceiling...

    Hang bulkier items such as basketballs in netting, or buckets on strings from the rafters. This will help to keep them out of the way and make more space on the floor and walls for other items.

    How to organise a storage room – Using boxes

    Photo by Nana Smirnova on Unsplash

    Organising a storage room can be a difficult task when it comes to small items like nails, screws, or any kind of tool. Having dedicated drawers and containers for these objects is essential, as it will make finding them easier should you need them in a pinch.

    You could also invest in some plastic bins specifically designed for storing tools. These bins can be stacked up against the wall and labelled accordingly so that you know where everything is

    Labelling items

    Finally, labels are always essential in any storage room. Labelling your stored items clearly will help you identify what's inside each box quickly so that you don't have to rummage through it when looking for something specific.

    Photo by Lia Trevarthen on Unsplash

    Not only that, but they'll also save you time and hassle in finding things quickly and easily within your storage space.

    Organising your storage rooms properly is essential for keeping everything neat and organised while making the best use of every inch of space available.

    Organising a room doesn’t have to be tedious; with creative use of wall storage and floor space, you can make sure your small storage room is maximally used while still keeping it tidy and organised at all times!

    How to organise a storage room – Next steps

    We hope this has answered the question "how to organise a storage room - or space".

    With careful planning and thought, using wall storage, floor storage solutions and adjustable shelving units can help maximise the efficiency of your storage space.

    This will help ensure that everything has its own designated spot and is easy to access when needed.  Be sure to check out our GearHooks system which is perfect for a storage room, to get you started with a professional look.

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