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How to Spring clean, declutter and tidy your home, garage or shed with GearHooks


Get your spring cleaning sorted and your decluttering done - hang everything on the walls

A GearHooks storage system offers huge amounts of extra storage in any home, garage or shed by using space that everyone has but doesn’t use - the walls.

How to Spring clean, declutter and tidy your home, garage or shed with GearHooks

Once Spring is here people up and down the country will be clearing out sheds, tidying up garages and generally having a good old sort out. Many of us have garages and sheds that are full of bikes, gardening tools, kids toys, tins of paint, general clutter and maybe an old washing machine or fridge. Some of it can go to charity shops and lots more in the bin.

The problem is where do you put all the stuff you know you need but is just getting in the way??

How to create more storage space in a garage or shed

Well, a small company based in Wales have come up with a clever way to utilise space you already have - the walls.

They have spent the last 4 years perfecting a range of wall mounted storage racks that hold everything from bikes and golf bags to skis and guitars. Each rack comprises a steel rail that bolts to the wall and specially designed hooks, to hold particular things like 5 bikes, 30 garden tools or 9 guitars, all in just 1 metre of wall space.

wall bike rack

The best way to store bikes in a garage - on a wall bike rack

Luis Prtak, designer and founder of GearHooks explains that “Storing big, awkward items in a shed or garage has always been a problem. You might have shelving and racking in the shed or garage but some things just don’t fit on a shelf. Bikes, golf bags or garden tools are all awkward to store. They are the things that are always in the way, getting knocked over and knocked about which is a problem if they are expensive bits of kit. They inevitably end up in piles all over the place and before you know it there is no room for the car in the garage, or the mower in the shed.”


Garden tool storage rack

How to store garden tools - Garden tool storage rack

The idea is to get things which would normally be in a pile in the middle of the room, onto neatly organised, wall mounted racks. That gets them out of the way and keeps them safe and dry but also frees up floor space for bigger things. That means you will be able to get your mower in the shed and maybe even your car in the garage!

Garage storage racks

Whats the best way to store things in the garage - Garage storage wall racks

The system comprises a 1 metre long steel rail, painted in a choice of colours. The rail bolts to the wall with just 3 heavy duty screws and then any number of hooks can be fitted to the rail with just an Allen key. These are specially designed to hold bikes by the front wheel, garden tools by the handles, guitars by the neck and so on.

Guitar wall mount

How to mount guitars on the wall - Guitar wall mount

Luis goes on to explain that “A big plus is that once you have fitted the rail you won’t ever need to drill another hole in the wall. Any mixture of hooks can be fitted anywhere on the rail. The hooks can be moved around, or new ones fitted, to suit exactly what you are storing. There are ready made racks for 5 road bikes, 5 golf bags, 30 or 40 garden tools and loads of other stuff. If that’s not enough space you just add more rails and hooks.”  

The system has been a success so far and, out of an initial batch of 2,500 units sold, the company has amassed well over 450 five star reviews. That’s an impressive ratio and a remarkable number of 5 star reviews (97% in fact). Luis is a little embarrassed about that and says that he “wished there were a few 1 or 2 star reviews. The ones that have been left by customers are so complimentary that they seem too good to be true. But they are, and I’m really pleased people like the system so much. The nice comments are not just about how much they like their Gearhooks but often about little things like the documentation, the environmental packaging and even the hand written note we put in every parcel.”

What's the best way to store Golf bags? - Golf bag storage - Golf club storage - Golf trolley storage

The system is designed and manufactured in the UK and assembled, packaged and shipped, as ethically as possible, from a converted barn in North Wales. “It’s important to us that our products are made in the UK” says Luis. “We like to source everything we can in Wales, or as close as possible to us, to reduce road miles. We get crucial parts CNC machined by a British Aerospace sub-contractor in Deeside. Other parts, like the hooks, are made just over the border a few miles away. The rails are rolled in one of the last steel cold-rolling mills in the country, in Birmingham, and we get them painted just down the road. Everything, except the odd nut or bolt, is designed by us and made in the UK by some really high quality manufacturers.” In fact, it’s so well made, claim the company, that they offer a Lifetime Guarantee. If anything ever breaks they will replace the part, or the whole thing, free of charge, but they say they have never had to.

Full details of the products made by GearHooks, and all the customer reviews, can be found on their website: GearHooks.com.

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