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Our Top Tips For Hanging Guitars… Risk-Free!

Guitars, like all musical instruments, are very beautiful items to have at home and there are so many different types and styles of guitar that you can quickly and easily amass a stunning collection that’s not only fun to play but also helps to bring your interior design schemes to life.

You can, of course, keep your guitars on the floor in stands, but this can quickly take up quite a lot of space. Before you know it, you’re unable to move through the space without worrying that you’ll kick one of your pride and joys over… which could have disastrous results! Guitars can be very expensive, after all, and the last thing you want is to cause irreparable damage.

Instead, what about getting them out of harm’s way by hanging them on the wall? Not only will this keep them safe and sound, but you’ll also create a beautiful wall display at the same time, so it’s a very real win-win.

Wall hanging isn’t without its risks either, however, and many a guitar player has hung their instruments up, only to take them down again, gripped with the intense fear that they’ll simply fall off.

This is a natural concern, but with a little bit of hard graft and a few top tips from the GearHooks team you’ll be able to hang your guitars up at home without the constant stress and worry that you’ll come home to a pile of wood and strings one day.
So, without further ado, check out our handy hints for hanging your favourite instruments. Enjoy!

 #1 Use a good-quality hanger

Not all guitar wall mounts are created equal and it’s important you choose one that’s up to the task. 

We have a wide range of guitar wall hooks and hangers to choose from so you’re sure to find one that suits your requirements… and you can even use them to store other equipment like microphones, leads, headphones and anything else you don’t want on the floor!

#2 Find a solid wall

For peace of mind, make sure you choose a solid wall rather than a cavity wall to hang your guitar. These will hold the screws, hooks and hangers firmly in place, reducing the risk of your guitars crashing down around you. 

Give your walls a tap to see if they’re solid. If you hear a hollow ringing sound, it would be best to find another spot. It couldn’t be easier than that!

#3 Rotate your guitars

If your hook or hanger features truss rods, you may find that these start to weaken over time. However, you can prolong the life of your hanging system by rotating your guitars and keeping different ones on the floor stand at different times. Do this a couple of times a year and you should be sitting pretty!

However, with GearHooks guitar hangers, you’ll never need to worry about this, as they’re all very heavy duty and won’t weaken or sag.

#4 Use a lock and key

Those of you with inquisitive children might want to consider using a hanger with a locking mechanism, so you can rest assured that your guitars will stay on the wall where you put them… no matter what!

Our hangers also come with Velcro straps that can be wrapped around the ends of the hooks to stop your guitars from being accidentally pulled or knocked off the rack.

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