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Can You Hang a Guitar on Plasterboard? Here’s What to Do!

Here's the question – can you hang a guitar on plasterboard?

Well, it might sound straightforward, but hanging a guitar is a more important task than most people think.

For most guitar players it's a mildly nervous prospect. There is a need to ensure their precious instrument of glory is going to be safe, away from harm, and not clatter to the floor never to be played again!

Sometimes we're limited on space and wall type. So often the perfect place, the most immense place to show off and protect your guitar is a plasterboard wall!

So how do you take advantage of the best place to put your guitar, while reconciling that it's a plasterboard wall? As manufacturers of specially designed wall hook systems, that's what we'll answer here.

mounting guitars on a plasterboard wall

Here’s the quick answer, and then we’ll get into more details...

Hanging a guitar on plasterboard is possible. You can get creative, use industry-standard plasterboard fixing and fashion a guitar holder. Or use specially designed plasterboard guitar hangers. But avoid a single fixing as this is a weaker fixing (unless it is directly into a batten). Use a guitar rail that provides more holding points.

For an overview, here’s why people hang their guitars. But we’ll dive into the plasterboard question further. First, we'll look at plasterboard and how it's erected so you know what you're up against.

Can you hang a guitar on plasterboard?

Plasterboard is a type of drywall made from two sheets of paper-faced gypsum that is then attached to wooden vertical beams to create a wall surface.

It's lightweight, relatively cheap, and easy to install. And provides an adequate surface for hanging small pictures.

Plasterboard is thin, it also crumbles when punctured, and has little to no grip on most fixings. So using nails and screws are often futile unless it's to hang something lightweight like a small picture. Ergo, plasterboard is not ideal for hanging heavy items like a guitar.

The weight of the instrument alone is unstable, and when combined with any movement it could easily cause the fixings and therefore the wall to crumble and fail, leaving your beloved instrument on the floor and covered in plaster dust.

Stud system

Plasterboard walls generally use a stud system. In this system, a vertical beam of a couple of inches wide is erected every 12 inches or so.

The beams are covered with the plasterboard which makes finding them a bit more difficult. If you're unfamiliar with, or cannot locate where the beams are, then it's pot-luck if you happen to hit one of the vertical internal beams.

It is possible to find the battens in a few ways;

- use an electronic stud locator

- look for nails in the skirting board to give you a clue

- drill a series of small holes across the wall (and fill them later)

Not only that but if you damage a plasterboard wall, then they're not the easiest wall to repair. It can be messy if you don't know what you're doing. And often involves replacing an entire section of plasterboard.

Pro Tip: One way to ensure a safer hanging solution to plasterboard is to ensure that you do not rely on one single point of failure. So, if any guitar hangers are used that only utilize one single fixing then you may not be able to fully rely on it. A mounting system with two or more fixing points is ultimately going to be safer.

So, let's get into more of the question - Can you hang a guitar on plasterboard...

Can you hang a guitar on plasterboard? – Standard plasterboard fixings

It's rare to find a specific guitar hook that is designed for plasterboards. So then you're usually into other speciality plasterboard fixings and creating something that will hold your guitar. This isn't ideal!

So if you are going to hang a guitar on plasterboard, it's important to use the correct fixings and tools.

If you decide to use standard off-the-shelf fixings, then you may want to choose strong toggle bolts or expansion anchors designed to secure against the rear of the board.

These provide greater grip in the hole. This ensures your guitar won't come off the wall even when knocked from side to side. This assumes you can ‘somehow’ attach your guitar to the outside of the fixing.

Be sure to drill pilot holes first as these fixings need some help for installation.

It's also recommended that you attach additional support bars at either side of the guitar fixing area so that it is stable and won't twist or move.

Can you hang a guitar on plasterboard? – Ideal fixings

If you want a safe way to hang your guitar on plasterboard walls, then you need a system that provides a broader area to spread the weight.

The ideal solution to consider is the GearHooks.com wall mounting system.

It looks uber-cool. But it allows you to attach specifically made guitar hangers with hooks that grip and spread the weight across a rail system, so your plasterboard wall doesn't crumble around them.

Not only that, but it offers flexibility in how you display your guitar along the rail. Plus expansion in that you can add other guitars, or indeed other items to the rail.

When using the GearHooks rail there are 20 fixing slots all the way along it's 1 meter length so you should be able to find the battens behind the plasterboard. We strongly recommend locating and fixing into 3 battens using the hex bolts supplied. If you can only find 2 battens then add extra plasterboard fixings elsewhere on the rail.

Since it can be installed using traditional plasterboard fixings, it's ideal for plasterboard walls. It requires no additional support and can be easily installed in just a few minutes.

It also offers a variety of mount arm lengths for easy positioning of your instrument without having to remove the entire mount or drill more holes into the wall if you get a different guitar, or want to hang multiple instruments. – perfect for those cramped music rooms!

Can you hang a guitar on plasterboard? – Hints and Tips

Here are some hints and tips when hanging your guitar on a plasterboard wall. Some are general, and some will apply to our GearHooks guitar mounting system.

  • Use a more secure system like GearHooks.
  • When drilling any fixings - measure twice and drill once!
  • Make pilot holes and try to hit a vertical stud where possible.
  • Plaster dust can be messy, so angle a vacuum near the drill point when drilling, it will remove the plaster dust at the source as it comes out of the wall.
  • Don't push too hard when drilling, you risk bending in and caving the plasterboard around the area you're drilling into.
  • Consider using strong toggle bolts when hanging standard items on a plasterboard wall.
  • If you do opt for standard plasterboard mountings, when removing your guitar mount from the wall, always do so with care as some plasterboard may be taken off with the mount.
  • Use GearHooks mounting system for heavy or valuable items such as guitars. It's designed for all wall types including plasterboards, plus it looks great and offers flexibility in how you display your instruments.

Can you hang ukuleles on a plasterboard wall too?

Yes. Just follow the hints and tips above and you will find it's just as easy to hang ukuleles on a plasterboard wall as it is to hang guitars.

hanging ukuleles on a plasterboard wall

Can you hang a guitar on plasterboard? – Next step

So answers to the question “Can you hang a guitar on plasterboards?” – Yes! You can. As long as you have the right tools we discussed earlier, and follow the above-mentioned tips, you should be able to safely secure and display your beloved instrument on any wall type - including plasterboard.

Of course, consider all your options. Keeping your guitar safe, on show, and easy to take on and off might seem like a small aspect, but one that's worth spending a bit of time on to get it right.

For the GearHooks system, check this page now to find the guitar hook system you need. The friendly staff here at GearHooks are always here to help if you need it, and our reviews speak for themselves! So check us out now!

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