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Why Is It Important To Store Gardening Tools Safely?

It is that time of the year when everyone starts pruning their bushes and planting pretty perennials so they can enjoy being in their garden while the sun is out. 

Even those who aren’t particularly green-fingered like to sow some seeds and mow the lawn in the sunshine during the warmer months, while some gardening enthusiasts even grow their own fruit and vegetables and take great pride in the state of their flowering baskets. 

However proficient you are at gardening, it is important that everyone looks after their tools well, protecting them from both potential thieves and inclement weather. 

Here are just some reasons why securing gardening equipment is essential, so you can continue improving your hedges and keeping your lawn neat for years to come. 

Protect from heavy rain

Leaving gardening tools outside might be tempting after a long day being on your knees planting bulbs or scattering bark, but it is imperative that you put everything away in a shed or a garage before you call it a day and pour yourself a refreshing drink. 

This is because if it rains overnight or during the following days, this could cause lots of damage to your equipment. 

The moisture from the rain can cause metal tools, such as spades and forks, to rust or corrode. What’s more, it can damage the wooden handles, weakening them and making them deteriorate more quickly. 

Although it might be gloriously sunny when you’re outside working on your garden, the weather can change very quickly in the UK and it could pour it down even if you don’t expect it to. 

British summer is known for being temperamental, so it is wise to always prepare for the worst, so you don’t have to dash outside in a storm to get your equipment in. 

Simply using garden tool racks in your shed can mean your brooms, rakes, bulb planters, trowels, shovels, and forks can remain in good condition for years to come.

Safe from intruders

You might not imagine that a burglar would be interested in stealing your gardening tools, but you would be surprised.

Thieves regularly target sheds and gardens for bikes, power tools, garden tools, sports equipment and mowers, according to Thames Valley Police, so it is important to keep all your possessions safe, not just the ones in your home. 

It is easy to get access to a garden, with many people not bothering to lock their back gates. Therefore, burglars don’t have to work hard to get their hands on some expensive equipment. 

As well as everyday gardening tools, which can add up to a lot collectively, they can quickly and easily walk away with more costly items, such as lawn mowers. What’s more, some insurance policies do not cover contents from your garden, shed or outbuildings, so you might become out of pocket if these are stolen. 

Not only is it essential to store these items safely in a shed or garage, you also need to make sure the building is locked as well. Having a good padlock, securing windows with wire mesh or grills, installing a shed alarm, and properly marking expensive items all help to provide additional protection for your garden equipment. 

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