Designed and manufactured in the UK. Guaranteed for life. VAT included. No import charges!! *** SPRING SALE *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK delivery over £75.00 with code FREEDEL75
Designed and manufactured in the UK. Guaranteed for life. VAT included. No import charges!! *** SPRING SALE *** 20% off all racks. FREE UK delivery over £75.00 with code FREEDEL75
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Bike wall rack for 3 road or mountain bikes. Wall mounting vertical bike storage for 3 bikes
Bike wall rack for 3 road or mountain bikes. Wall mounting vertical bike storage for 3 bikes
GearHooks® 3 bike garage bike storage rack. Garage organiser.
Wall mounting bike rack for 3 bikes
GearHooks® 3 bike vertical bike storage rack shown with with 3 road bikes
Bike wall rack for 3 road or mountain bikes. Wall mounting vertical bike storage for 3 bikes
Illustration of 3 x 1M rails fitted in a line. Wall mounting bike storage racks for road bikes, mountain bikes. Rear wheels on the floor.
Illustration of 3 x 1M rails fitted in a line. Wall mounting bike storage racks for road bikes mounted off the floor giving a clear floor for easy cleaning.
storage hook for a maintenance work stand mounted between the bikes on a GearRail.
tool storage hook mounted between the bikes on a GearRail.
300mm long storage hook for workstand, pump, and tools mounted between the bikes on a GearRail.
GearRail colour choices showing red, orange, blue, green, yellow, grey, white, black
Bike wall rack for 3 road or mountain bikes. Wall mounting vertical bike storage for 3 bikes
Bike wall rack for 3 road or mountain bikes. Wall mounting vertical bike storage for 3 bikes

Bike wall rack for 3 road or mountain bikes. Wall mounting vertical bike storage for 3 bikes

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The best UK designed and manufactured wall mounted bike rack you can buy - or your money back!

Main Features

  • Wall mounted bike storage rack for 3 bikes 
  • Any bike type - road, MTB, BMX, Downhill, electric (even tandems and recumbents). Any mix of bike types
  • Any frame size - Child or adult bike. Any mix of frame sizes
  • Any wheel size - Tyres up to 3”. Any mix of wheel types and size
  • Heavy duty steel rail and hooks.
  • Bike hooks mount anywhere on the rail and can be added, moved or adjusted easily with just an Allen key
  • No need to lift heavy bikes. Just roll them up on the back wheel
  • Lighter bikes can be mounted high on the wall to keep the floor clear
  • Up to 200kg max weight for NoLift or 75 kg max for ClearFloor
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Lifetime warranty



The GearHooks® BR3 wall mounted bike storage rack is a space saving indoor bike storage system for 3 of any type of bike including road bikes, mountain bikes, ebikes, downhill bikes or any mixture with any size wheels and tyres up to 3”. 

You don't even need to lift heavy bikes like mountain or electric bikes. It’s super-strong and tough enough for a garage or shed and also looks fantastic in a living space or office.

Once you have fixed the GearRail™ to the wall, with just 3 heavy duty fixings, you’ll never need to drill another hole. You can fit, move and adjust the bike hooks and accessory hooks with just an Allen key.


Once they are locked in place the hooks cannot drop off or move about so it’s just like a fully welded rack.

To help you choose the right capacity bike rack:

This product is designed for 3 bikes of any type. It works well with 3 x road bikes or 3 larger mountain bikes with wide handlebars. You don't need to lift heavy bikes and the handlebars can be angled to make getting bikes out and hanging them up again easier.

It includes a 1 metre long rail and 3 bike hooks plus all the fittings you need for most wall types.

We also manufacture wall mounting racks for 4 or 5 bikes. They all have a 1M long rail with varying numbers of bike hooks.

Two or more rails can be mounted side by side or offset, one above the other to enable you to store many more bikes if needed.

There's also space for all your other biking gear like helmets, bags, track pumps, work stands, spare parts and tools in between the bikes to really maximise the use of wall space. Extra GearHooks® are available for this.

extra gearhooks

You don’t even have to lift heavy bikes. Simply pull on the back brake, take a couple of steps backwards (the bike will rise onto its back wheel) and roll it forwards until you can hook the front wheel. If you are able to lift the bikes, you can mount the rail higher on the wall to keep the floor clear for easy cleaning.

no lift

The GearHooks® BR3 includes a 1M rail in your colour choice, 3 bike hooks with rubber sleeves, CNC clamps, heavy duty fixings fittings, full instructions and lifetime warranty.


The GearHooks® BR3 wall mounted garage bike rack includes;

  • 1 x 1M long cold rolled steel rail galvanised and powder coated
  • Your choice of 8 different colours 
  • 2 x black plastic end caps
  • 3 x hex head wall bolts (Allen Key) for wood or plasterboard battens
  • 3 x expanding nylon fixings for brick, block, stone or concrete
  • plus
  • 3 x cold formed steel hooks with bright zinc plating to prevent corrosion
  • 3 x soft rubber sleeves to hold and protect your bike wheels
  • 3 x CNC machined clamps in black engineering polymer that is stronger than aluminium
  • 3 x M8 sliding nuts to position and adjust the hooks anywhere on the rail
  • 3 M8 hex head bolts (Allen Key)
  • plus
  • Full fitting and use instructions
  • No quibble Lifetime guarantee

      Fitting Advice/Documentation/Fitting Instructions

      To see a PDF of our fitting advice for bikes click here

      To see a PDF of how to fit the rail to the wall click here

      For more information about GearHooks® take a look at our FAQs at the bottom of this page.

      SALE PRICES - all complete racks include a reduction of AT LEAST 20% compared to the cost of buying individual hooks and rails. This discount is applied automatically and the list price and discounted prices are shown on the product pages. Additional discounts (such as free shipping) require a code to activate them.

      All prices now include VAT. Business users and schools, colleges etc. can reclaim 20% VAT effectively saving around 40% on the list prices shown.

      Some photographs may show extra items, optional hooks and colours which may not be included with your particular product choice. We try to accurately describe each product but cannot photograph all variants. Please check descriptions, and your choices when ordering, carefully. 

      GearHooks® - Make Space - Save Time - Do more!


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 98 reviews
      Superb piece of kit, excellent customer service

      I am really pleased with my bike storage rack - it looks great, it was easy to fit and it is rock solid with 4 bikes hanging. A superb product and the customer service is excellent. Thank you.

      Bike rack

      Really well built, simple to install and bikes now tidy, secure and looking good. Thanks!

      Seriously premium product, well thought through

      This really is a great piece of kit. I did a lot of research around bike storage in small spaces, and came across GearHooks. It looked like it would do the job. Then the deeper I dug, the more obvious it became that they’d really thought through how it would work, and explained that carefully and thoroughly on the website. It might seem expensive at first, but it really is the best solution for storing our five bikes vertically, so well worth the money. No adding more hooks etc in future - job done. It’s saved loads of space, taking all the bikes in a footprint no bigger than 5 x 3ft. What’s more, when it arrives the instructions are the best I’ve seen (seriously thorough), and the packaging is carefully considered to be recycled or used again. Clearly a company who cares what they sell. I can’t recommend this enough.

      Fantastic Quality Product

      I have purchased 2 of the bike racks now, both of a fantastic superb quality and would definitely recommend.

      Perfect solution and great service

      So pleasing to feel like a welcome customer. My questions were answered promptly and included friendly/helpful tips. Love to support a UK company and have my support rewarded. Thank you!

      Fabulous rack

      I couldn't believe that you could hang 3/4 bikes on a rack in along a wall whilst taking up just 1 metre of wall space but I was very pleasantly surprised when we hung the rack up and the bikes fitted on very nicely and easily. We managed to get the bikes on the garage wall in a double garage in between our two cars, saving a huge amount of space in there and allowing us to use the spare space as a garage gym! I highly recommend this rack and we ordered more since to hang golf clubs/bike storage bags/suitcases etc on.

      Good kit, way over-priced.

      As above.

      Hi Jonathan,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I'm glad you like the product.

      We aim to produce the best possible products we can, at a competitive, but not always the cheapest, price. Someone will always be able to import cheaper products from the Far East and flog them on Amazon or Ebay with no support.

      We design our products in North Wales and manufacture everything in the UK. The hooks are formed, the PVC sleeves dipped, the steel rolled, the rails painted and the clamps CNC machined in the UK. We offer UK based help and support with a Lifetime Guarantee on every product and every component. That simply costs us more to do than imported products. I like to think that GearHooks are really well designed, will actually last a lifetime and are priced fairly.

      I hope you enjoy using them for many years to come. If you get any problems, we are here to help.

      Thanks again. Keep safe and well,

      GearHooks Ltd has the whole package - great company

      It's not often these days that I have the pleasure of dealing with a company who knows what great customer service is. From the website experience, the timely delivery, the clever packaging, the consideration for our environment, the great product, the wonderful little notes that helped our installation, the follow-up communication and the life-time guarantee - GearHooks Ltd has the whole package. Wonderful business and better still, they're in North Wales!

      Excellent rack, backed up by excellent service.

      These racks are very nicely made and are flexible in their configuration. The support during deciding if these were suitable was superb, and additional padding was fitted to the hooks to ensure that my carbon fibre rims were well protected.
      Luis was keen to understand my needs, including checking that the hooks were suitable for mounting deep rimmed wheels (many others are not).
      Delivery was super quick too!
      Overall, an excellent product and very good service.
      Highly recommended and I immediately passed on details to a friend of mine who is kitting out his bike store.

      Fantastic quality.

      Very well manufactured and solid bike rack. Would definitely recommend to others.

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      Quality product

      Great product for my guitars - makes best use of smaller free wall space.

      Garden Gearhooks

      Installed. Tools tidy and design allows for Stihl garden tools as well as hand tools to hang really well. Very strong, well designed. Recommended.


      Brilliant. Does exactly what was claimed. Flat pack to put Ikea to shame - everything included and packaged uncommonly thoughtfully by Luis. Excellent customer service. A pleasure to support a standout small business.

      Bought 4x3 hangers

      Think these are really good. I couldn’t find anything online but my wife thankfully did. I had been using single hooks but need more space and, with the wall being the dot and dab kind, I was struggling because of various pipes wires etc. The spacing of these mean I can get 4 guitars in much more efficiently and have enough wiggle room to move the fixings an inch or two either way. I didn’t use the bolts that came with it because of the wall, but they look like they would work well in brick or wood. I used dry line pro fixings which bridge the gap between the plaster and go into the brick. Expensive but really strong. I used the washers that came with the racks which seemed to work well. I’ve got some Gibsons and Fenders so was terrified reading what the hook coatings might do so I wrapped some microfibre cloths round them and it looks good and works fine. Maybe this could be some sort of option in future. Also for the Gibsons, the head stock seems to touch the rack at the back so have brought it forwards a bit. Overall really pleased. Looks really good too and I have room to add more guitars

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your review.
      I'm glad you sorted the right fixings out for your wall. Ours cannot be used on dry lined walls.
      The guitars should be fine on the silicone sleeves. Just check them after a couple of hours. Nitrocellulose lacquer is very delicate and is used on guitars that are expensive so it's worth checking.
      I'm really pleased that you like your GearHooks. They are guaranteed for life so if anything goes wrong or you need anything at all please get back in touch.
      Thanks again.
      Stay safe and well.

      Great sturdy bike rack.

      The 'V' makes all the difference. Looks so much more aesthetically please than normal bike racks.