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Storing Gravel Bikes in Your Garage – A Helpful Guide 

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If you're a proud owner of a gravel bike, you know how important it is to keep it safe and secure when you're not using it. One of the best ways to protect your beloved bike is by storing it correctly in your garage. We aim to explain the best ways for storing gravel bikes in your garage in this article.

We know a thing or two about garage storage! So let’s dive into the reasons why proper gravel bike storage is crucial and offer our expert advice on the best way to store your gravel bike keeping it in top shape for years to come!

First, we can get the short answer so you can find out straight away the best ways to store a gravel bike in your garage. 

Storing a gravel bike correctly in your garage can protect it from damage and prolong its lifespan. Gravel bikes are susceptible to rust, so proper storage can reduce the risk of corrosion. Hang vertically or on customisable wall racks tosave space.

Before we get in deep, let’s just have a look at what a gravel bike is so we can understand better about storing it properly. 

What is a gravel bike? 

Gravel bikes are a relatively new category of bikes that have gained popularity over the last few years. 

According to experts, they’ve enjoyed an increase in popularity of over 100% in the last few years. 

In a nutshell, they are superbikes in terms of their terrain. They are designed to handle dirt roads, gravel, and even single-track trails.

They are similar to road bikes in many ways. But they have drop handlebars and a more aggressive riding position, wider tires and more clearance for the mud and gravel.

 A Ribble gravel bike is one example of the genre.

They also feature disc brakes for better stopping power, making them a popular choice for endurance athletes, bike-packers, and commuters.

One of the benefits of a gravel bike is its versatility. With their greater clearance, they can venture off-road onto unpaved surfaces that a road bike couldn’t handle, yet they are still fast enough to tackle paved roads with ease.

They’re ideal for riders who like to explore new routes and venture off into the great outdoors.

So, what about storing it? And what are the benefits of keeping a gravel bike stored like a pro?

One thing you will likely need is a specifically designed system to store your bikes. For that, you can use the GearHooks rail storage system. Check out exactly what it does, and.

Benefits of storing a gravel bike in your garage

A gravel bike is not just a means of transport but a beloved possession for adventure lovers! 

As we discovered above, it is built to withstand various terrains, weather, and conditions, which makes it perfect for trail rides, gravel routes, and demanding races.

However, a gravel bike is also an investment.

Therefore, it is crucial to store your gravel bike correctly in your garage to ensure its longevity, safety, and ultimately, its performance.

Storing gravel bikes in a garage - a 3 bike rack

A GearHooks 3 bike wall mounted bike rack

Protect a gravel bike in a garage 

One of the most important reasons to store a gravel bike correctly in your garage is to protect it from damage. 

A gravel bike is an intricate machine with several parts, including the derailleur, chain, tires, and brakes. 

If not stored correctly, these parts can get damaged, corroded, or rusted, which can affect your bike's performance and lifespan. 

To avoid such situations, store your bike in a cool, dry, and dust-free area. 

If you are storing your gravel bike in a garage (or a shed) its a good idea to get it off the floor to minimise the risk of it getting knocked over.

It's likely to have cost you a few hundred or even a couple of thousand pounds so its worth keeping it out of harms way.

A really good way to store a gravel bike in the garage, indeed any kind of bike, is on a wall mounted hook or wall mounted bike rack.

Storing Gravel Bikes in Your Garage – A Helpful Guide 

Prevents Rust

Gravel bikes are susceptible to rust, particularly if they're exposed to moisture or humidity. 

Improper storage can increase the risk of rust, which can cause significant damage to your bike over time. 

By storing your bike in a garage correctly, you'll reduce the risk of rust and ensure that your bike stays in excellent condition for longer.

To minimise rust we recommend making sure the chain and rear mech, as well as the chain rings and cassette (basically all the gears/cogs), are properly lubricated.

If you have bright chrome parts its not a bad idea to wipe these over with something like WD40 but make sure to keep any form of lubricant away from the brake discs.

Prevent theft 

Gravel bikes are often expensive and desirable, and thieves often target them for their quick sale. 

To prevent your bike from getting stolen, store it in a secure and locked space, and use a heavy-duty bike lock or a ground anchor to secure it. 

If possible, store your bike in a room with a motion sensor light, an alarm system, or a CCTV camera to deter potential thieves.

Insurance companies will want to a Sold Secure Gold standard lock to avoid problems claiming after any theft, so its not worth scrimping on the kind of lock you buy.

Maintain its performance

A gravel bike's performance depends on its maintenance, and storing it correctly in your garage is an essential part of maintenance. 

Before storing your bike, clean it thoroughly and dry it off to remove any dirt, mud, or sweat. 

Lubricate the chain and other moving parts and check the tire pressure. When storing your bike, avoid putting any pressure on the wheels, pedals, or handlebars to avoid any warps or distortions. 


Garage wall rack for 3 bikes


You can also store your bike upside down, or on a wall mounted hook or rack, to avoid any flat spots on the tires.

Save space in your garage  

A gravel bike can take up a lot of space in your garage, especially if you have more than one bike or a car to park in there too. 

To save space, you can use a wall mount or a ceiling hoist to hang your bike out of the way. 

You can also use a bike stand or a bike rack to stack your bikes vertically which can free up some floor space. 

Make sure that you choose a storage solution that suits your bike's weight and size, and does not put any strain on its parts. Hanging a bike by it's front wheel is no problem. You can read about that here : Storing bikes by the front wheel.

Looking good! 

A well-stored bike can instantly make your garage look more organized, streamlined, and stylish. 

You can choose from various storage solutions that not only protect your bike but also add to your garage's decor. 

Storing gravel bikes in a garage - the flying V

Some garage bike racks not only look good but also work really well

You can opt for a modern bike stand, a wooden wall mount, a rustic bike rack, or a colourful bike hanger that matches your bike's personality.

Storing Gravel Bikes in Your Garage – Wrapping up and next steps 

Storing your gravel bike in your garage can be a great way to protect it from damage and keep it safe from the elements. 

Depending on the size of your garage, you can hang your bike vertically or choose customisable wall racks for better storage options. 

Don’t forget to head over to our store to find the gravel bike storage solution that works best for you! 

However, regardless of which storage option you choose, don’t forget to check the condition of your bike regularly. 

Maintenance is key if you want to prolong its lifespan and ensure that your bike stays in excellent condition. 

Overall, keeping a careful eye and making sure that you clear out any dirt or debris after every use can truly go a long way when storing gravel bikes in the garage.

Don’t forget to check back to our weekly blogs regularly for more helps and hacks on how to store like a pro!

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